China's import of food machinery will increase

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China's import of food machinery will increase

insiders believe that in the next 10 years or even longer, food machinery will still be an industry that can continue to develop for nearly two years. Affected by China's fulfillment of WTO commitments, the import of food machinery will accelerate

at present, only 2% - 30% of the total output of China's main agricultural products are processed into food (up to 15% - 70% in developed countries). Therefore, China's consumer food is still mainly unprocessed resource raw materials, accounting for about 60% (generally about 10% in developed countries). Among the exported foods, the raw material foods account for almost 70%. In 1997, the ratio of the total output value of China's food industry to the total output value of agriculture was 0.43:1, while that of developed countries was generally 2:1-3:1. This shows that China's food industry still has a very full space for development, which means that food machinery has a broad market prospect

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