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Beijing group of print Expo boutique Exhibition: who makes 50000 yuan "value-added"

Print Expo 2007 printing culture and famous enterprises boutique Exhibition Beijing group essay

Beijing printing association organizes member enterprises to participate in the boutique exhibition of the fourth China International Printing new technology exhibition, not only to seize the huge business opportunities of the Olympic Games, but also to let all sectors of society more intuitively understand Beijing's printing enterprises through the display of enterprise style, so as to further cooperate and win-win in the long-term development in the future

in the preface of the Beijing printing manual



Print Expo 2007 will soon be launched. On June, the play will be staged in the Beijing International Exhibition Center

when you visit print Expo 2007, walk past the 100 square meter boutique exhibition area organized by the Beijing Printing Association of printing culture and famous enterprises boutique exhibition, and enjoy foreign language printing plants, machine printing plants Excellent high-quality printing works of enterprises such as human health printing plants; When you casually look at the "Beijing printing manual" distributed to you by the booth service staff for free, and casually turn to the "Beijing printing industry in progress" (see Annex 1) in the preface, reading a text introducing the basic situation of Beijing printing industry, you may ignore the last sentence: as the organizer of the exhibition of Beijing printing enterprises, thank Beijing Publishing Bureau The full support of Dingjia Chuangshi investment company, Beijing carton factory, Beijing Xijing printing company and other units

is like a polite remark

the author obviously did not give it a more specific interpretation, or was limited by the text form


I asked Zhang Zhongyuan to buy a box of drinks and send them to them

Ren Yucheng said, paused for a moment, and added:

after this is over, we will invite everyone to dinner

who will he invite to dinner

the picture shows Mr. Ren Yucheng, President of Beijing Printing Association


you will see 27 large books standing separately:

they are all 1.8 meters wide, 0.4 meters thick and 2.4 meters high. They are a model book, with a brief introduction to the events of the enterprise and a sketch on the cover. When you open them, you can see that there are excellent works of the enterprise that have won awards over the years in the cabinet, which are made of environmentally friendly honeycomb panels

will you throw it away? If after the exhibition. Putting it in the exhibition gallery of the enterprise or in a prominent place at the entry of the enterprise obviously does not treat the enterprise badly


the creativity of Dingjia printing company, inspired by the Frankfurt Book Fair. 5. Host size (length x width x height): 3000x600x1500mm

the picture shows Yao song, general manager of Dingjia printing company,

electronic mechanical UTM, which contains at least 79000 tons of plastic inspection machine. Beijing carton factory has worked overtime for several consecutive days, and it has been completed by June 6

the picture shows the spray painting of Beijing xijingsi printing company of Beijing carton factory

the Beijing Publishing Bureau will also print the materials of Beijing printing and reproduction Achievements Exhibition on the back plate, which will be clearly supported

how to say this, how to do it

when many printing factory directors received Ren Yucheng, although their expressions were different, their meanings were surprisingly consistent. Shenxinghua, the director of Zhongke printing factory, was on a business trip when he received a call from Ren Yucheng

they didn't charge Beijing Printing Association money, except for the honeycomb board purchased by Beijing carton factory

Zhang Zhongyuan, who had always hoped to publicize the boutique exhibition, did not bother to go back to his unit to describe the process to the author and went to the factory to take photos


(organizational work) not for the purpose of profit, relying on the support of the director unit, the charge is low, one unit is yuan, 200 yuan is a chromium name (in the Beijing printed manual). In this way, the income of 10000 yuan, in addition to the money for the exhibition hall, plus the production costs, is certainly not enough. Ren Yucheng said

finally, it's enough

the vitality of the printing association lies in service. It is impossible to do a good job without this purpose. Of course, the association should survive, but it should take a proper way to drag the roller up and down. Ren Yucheng concludes

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