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Beijing corrosion and protection society actively participated in the popular science garden party

Beijing corrosion and protection society actively participated in the popular science garden party

May 24, 2006

Figure 1: corrosion prevention experts answered questions for visitors

from May 20 to 21, 2006, Beijing corrosion and protection society participated in the "enter the Olympic Games, scientific sports, healthy life" held in Chaoyang Park This will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the development of the extruder industry

Huang Jianzhong, President of Beijing corrosion and protection society, Guo Honglin, chief engineer of the General Institute of chemical science and technology, the governing unit, and LV Longyun, general manager of Beijing Kemei New Corrosion Protection Technology Co., Ltd., the governing unit, attended the garden party. Hehuiling, a municipal leader and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Beijing Association for science and technology, and Liu Xiaokan, Minister of the Institute Department of Beijing Association for science and technology, attended the meeting to congratulate

Figure 2: armed police soldiers have a strong interest in green paint

Figure 3: staff distributed promotional materials

during the science and technology week, the Beijing Institute of corrosion and protection formed an expert consultation group represented by president Huang Jianzhong, and opened an expert consultation desk with the theme of "health, environmental protection and safety". The expert group gave on-site answers on the current green anti-corrosion products, such as: how to control the VOC release of coatings, prohibit the use of toxic and harmful solvents that are considered as official delivery, so that the products not only do not damage human health, but also should be beneficial to human health. The products should have multiple functions: antibacterial, mildew proof, heat insulation, flame retardant, fire prevention, temperature regulation, silencing, demagnetization, radiation prevention, antistatic, etc. Products can be recycled or recycled, and there is no waste that pollutes the environment. It has been highly praised by the majority of consultants. It has achieved good social benefits

the General Institute of chemical science and technology and Beijing Kemei new anti-corrosion technology Co., Ltd., the governing units, also actively participated in the popular science park activities. They introduced their scientific research achievements in the form of display boards, and introduced in detail the characteristics, uses, main technical indicators, construction process requirements of various products, etc. By means of expert consultation, the enterprise strives to build brand products in key steel varieties such as steel for construction bridges, steel for automobiles, steel for household appliances, steel for energy, steel for machinery, steel for ships and marine engineering, and steel for railways. The enterprise has answered various anti-corrosion questions raised by the majority of visitors and issued many product manuals. Such as environmental protection nano materials modified external emulsion paint, silicone acrylic exterior wall emulsion paint, etc. Multi layer coating (relief king), water-based thermal insulation coating, etc

Figure 4: consulting with anti-corrosion experts on environmental protection coatings

Figure 5: the leaders of the Association for science and technology introduced the anti-corrosion coating - the internal and external spraying process of cast pipes and its special coating through expert consultation and physical comparison. This project filled the domestic gap and won the national utility model patent technology in 2000. The product performance of the coating reached en877, DIN Jiangsu baozhongbaoda The lithium salt expansion projects of Jiangxi Hezheng Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. and jiangteyin lithium Co., Ltd. have been completed and put into operation. The national standards such as i9522, bs3416 and BS6920 have passed the inspection of Beijing paint quality supervision and testing station and the national sanitary standard for drinking water

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