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Beijing Guodian Guangyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to z-gydw-220/110 series DC power supply system and z-gydw-48v series communication power supply system; Gy/jnzt series intelligent integrated power supply system; Gye series power special UPS power supply system, gyp series power standard 6, experimental bench mechanical structure UPS power supply system; Large machine room UPS power system solutions and complete sets of power products, large intelligent EPS power supply and stabilized voltage power supply system, high and low voltage switchgear and other complete sets of power equipment; Gy SYP series intelligent test power supply panel, Gy sgzm series intelligent accident lighting panel; GYJ series intelligent AC power supply system, gygf-m series intelligent photovoltaic power station combiner box and other power equipment development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. The factory is located in Beijing Tongzhou baifuyuan industrial zone with convenient transportation, covering an area of 12000m2, a construction area of 5000m2, and a registered capital of 215999900 yuan. At present, the company has more than 58 employees, and has a group of senior technical talents who are specialized in the development of power electronic products. Users are still willing to bear the traditional PC control system and development, of which 80% have obtained medium and senior titles. The company has been approved by the Council of China Power Industry Association and is the vice chairman unit of China Power Industry Association. Approved by the Council of Beijing Power Industry Association, it is the vice chairman unit of Beijing Power Industry Association. The legal representative of the company is the vice president of China Power Industry Association, and often participates in the technical exchange and promotion of power industry technology

the company is mainly engaged in petrochemical, coal, finance, electric power (power plant/electricity), railway, medical treatment, steel, cement, aluminum and other domestic state-owned and private large and medium-sized enterprises. Our company provides corresponding products and equipment for customers in different industries, such as low-voltage distribution equipment, AC power supply equipment, UPS power supply, EPS power supply, communication power supply, DC system, integrated power supply, various high-capacity regulated power supply equipment, etc. The company's main products occupy a certain share in the market

our company has established a service team mainly composed of engineers and has a perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system. Beijing Guodian Guangyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide users with technical consultation, all-round power supply solutions and technical data required for bidding before sales; After sales department shall establish computer files for all users, communicate directly with customers on a regular basis, track and understand the maintenance and use status of the equipment, and provide door-to-door services such as technical transformation of old products and replacement of a full set of components of DC screen

the company has always adhered to the business philosophy of integrity-based, respect for people, dedication, realism and innovation, and service users. It advocates the cultivation of elite teams, adapts to the extensive environmental changes in the utilization prospect, and creates a good corporate culture atmosphere. It strives to create a perfect system with zero hidden dangers in research and development, zero defects in production, zero management errors, zero complaints in service, and zero distance communication, We have constantly combined modern science and technology with advanced management systems, and thus built a strong platform for rapid growth and sustainable development of enterprises. After sales service is the link to carry out heart to heart cooperation with users. We believe that the real applause is the resonance of common success with users

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job name work place working years academic qualifications requirements recruitment number update date Henan Jiaozuo unlimited Henan Jiaozuo three-year junior college several Henan Jiaozuo one-year technical secondary school Henan Jiaozuo one-year junior college Henan Jiaozuo one-year Junior College Beijing five-year undergraduate Beijing fresh graduates technical secondary school Beijing three-year junior college Henan Jiaozuo one-year technical secondary school Henan Jiaozuo fresh graduates technical secondary school some 20 as the base of aluminum industry development direction pulse consulting River South Jiaozuo five-year junior college Henan Jiaozuo three-year junior college several fresh graduates of Henan Jiaozuo are not limited to Beijing one year technical secondary school Beijing one year high school Beijing one year technical secondary school Henan Jiaozuo one year technical secondary school Beijing one year technical secondary school Beijing one year Beijing one year unlimited Beijing

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