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Beijing accelerates the use of renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, which can reduce 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

renewable energy sources such as heat pumps are an important direction for the future development of clean energy in Beijing. By 2022, Beijing heat pump system will use fatigue testing machine to enter the factory for preliminary operation and future protection. Detailed understanding: the area can reach 800, and nearly all Leeb hardness meters are 10000 square meters of single angle on the market. The annual consumption of fossil energy such as gas can be reduced, equivalent to about 1million tons of standard coal

renewable energy such as heat pump is an important direction of clean energy development in Beijing in the future. By 2022, the cumulative utilization area of Beijing's heat pump system will reach 80million square meters. The annual consumption of fossil energy such as gas can be reduced by about 1million tons of standard coal and 2.4 million tons of carbon dioxide. It can effectively reduce the pollutants emitted by burning fossil energy, and will play a positive role in Beijing's air pollution prevention and control and environmental improvement

this is the content mentioned in the implementation opinions on further accelerating the application of heat pump systems and promoting clean heating (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions) released by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission on the 18th

the so-called heat pump system is a technology that uses electric energy as power to convert low-grade heat energy into high-grade heat energy. Generally, the stroke of the tensile testing machine is about 600mm. It is energy-saving, efficient and environmental friendly, and the comprehensive energy efficiency (COP) can reach more than 3.0. It is the best alternative and supplement to conventional energy such as coal and gas

the implementation opinions defines the renewable energy development goals of new areas such as Beijing Sub Center, Beijing Daxing International Airport and airport economic zone. By 2022, these areas will add about 7.5 million square meters of heat pump heating utilization area

at the same time, by 2022, Daxing, Shunyi, Changping, Fangshan and other regions will add about 4million square meters of heat pump heating utilization area; In Mentougou, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing and other rural areas, the new heat pump heating utilization area is about 1.5 million square meters

Beijing will strengthen financial support for key areas of clean heating such as civil buildings and coal-fired alternatives. 30% of the capital support will be given to the heat source and primary pipe investment of the new, reconstructed and expanded heat pump system and waste heat heat pump system projects; 50% of the project construction investment will be given financial support for the reconstruction of heat pump system of existing coal-fired and oil-fired heating boilers; Provide 50% financial support for the heat source and primary pipe investment of geothermal energy heating system

the implementation opinions requires for the first time that heat pump projects applying for investment support from the municipal government in fixed assets must be installed with monitoring systems to improve project management

according to the implementation opinions, by 2022, renewable energy in Beijing will account for more than 10% of total energy consumption. Among them, the utilization area of the new heat pump system in Beijing is 20million square meters, and the cumulative utilization area is 80million square meters, accounting for about 8% of the heating area in the city. (end)

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