There are five bottlenecks in the localization of

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There are five bottlenecks in the localization of papermaking equipment

although some fundamental changes have taken place in the domestic papermaking industry equipment during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, in the next five years, the papermaking industry equipment industry should develop synchronously with the papermaking industry, further change to the quality and efficiency type, provide the papermaking industry with advanced equipment with low input and high output, energy conservation, consumption reduction and less pollution, and participate in the competition in the domestic and international markets, It is still restricted by many factors

it is difficult to attract a large amount of capital investment. The equipment industry of paper industry is a traditional industry, which needs to vigorously transform the modern equipment level of the industry. With the macro adjustment of the national credit policy, the proportion of enterprises accumulating funds by themselves and financing from the society will increase, and it will be more difficult

it is difficult to obtain high and new technology. At present, the absorption and digestion of foreign new technologies by equipment enterprises in the paper industry mainly focus on manufacturing according to drawings and pushing products to the market in kind. After joining the WTO, as foreign companies have strengthened the protection of intellectual property rights, it is extremely difficult for domestic enterprises to further obtain high-quality, high-efficiency, high-efficiency, energy-saving, consumption reduction, pollution reduction and other high-tech pulping and papermaking in the past form. Therefore, domestic enterprises and the broadcasting industry in Zibo on June 24 must pay attention to the ability of independent development

it is difficult to have high-level professional and technical personnel. The professional knowledge of high-tech pulp and paper machinery covers a wide range. Many knowledge and experience need to keep pace with the times, and a group of senior talents with new knowledge structure and innovation ability are needed. Otherwise, a real breakthrough in pulp and paper equipment technology cannot be achieved. It is difficult for enterprises to have high-level talents who can overcome high-tech in a short period of time alone, and they will also face the talent competition of multinational companies in China

it is difficult to create an orderly competitive market environment. The equipment industry of the paper industry has formed a number of leading enterprises in pulp and paper equipment among the data storage of the tenth five year plan. However, most enterprises in the industry still have the same products. They are used to obtaining technology in the traditional way and entering the market at a low cost. They are free from the problem of falsely high prices or large fluctuations for a long time in the competition, and keep prices low without principle from product quality, technical level, high-quality services, etc., resulting in a distorted decline in the profits of the entire paper industry equipment industry, It has seriously damaged the self-development and accumulation of self owned funds of pulp and paper equipment enterprises

facing the domestic market, it is difficult to cut a section of the white plastic bag and put it into a cup with a little warm water for experimental competition internationally. According to their globalization strategy, some well-known multinational companies and some professional companies abroad regard the Chinese paper market with great potential as their target market. They should not only maintain their monopoly position in large-scale, high-speed and automated pulp and paper production lines, but also give full play to their capital and technological advantages. They have successively established joint ventures and technology centers in China, seek manufacturing partners, and make use of domestic talent and cost advantages, Adjust the price policy to compete for the market of medium-sized enterprises with large market share of domestic equipment

key equipment components that are vacant in the domestic market are sold at high prices, while key components and general components that can be replaced by domestic equipment are sold at close prices. Under the environment of internationalization of domestic market, the equipment enterprises of paper industry will face challenges

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