Beijing furniture industry has achieved initial re

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Beijing furniture industry has achieved initial results in cleaner production

Beijing furniture industry has achieved initial results in cleaner production

August 22, 2014

[China paint information] 2014 will become a key year for Beijing to adjust and withdraw from polluting enterprises that do not meet the functional positioning of the capital, and cleaner production will become the biggest proposition in front of furniture production enterprises

emission reduction standards force the industry to upgrade

according to hefajian, vice president of Beijing Furniture Industry Association, four local standards related to the furniture industry are being formulated, revised, promulgated and implemented this year, namely "emission standard of air pollutants for wood furniture manufacturing industry 6. Nico gualerzi, technical director of Italy's gamma meccanica company, introduced the company's Extrusion board production line and automatic recycling device technical standards" "Emission standard of volatile organic pollutants in industrial coating process", "all problems in the installation and commissioning process of large-scale treatment equipment; comprehensive emission standard of gas pollutants" and "cleaner production evaluation index system - furniture industry", the promulgation and implementation of the new standards will have an important impact on the production and business activities of enterprises

Xiao Min, general manager of Beijing Liming Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd., told the government procurement information daily that the emission standards of these pollutants to be released in Beijing will put pressure on non-conforming enterprises. However, from the perspective of the industry, it takes time and cost for enterprises to improve equipment and reduce emissions, which may not be as fast as expected

cleaner production has achieved gratifying results

after years of development, the cleaner production capacity of Beijing furniture industry has been greatly improved. He fajian said that at present, some wood furniture manufacturing enterprises have adopted advanced numerical control production equipment and production lines, central dust removal system for heat recovery and utilization, environmental protection and positive pressure purification, furniture spray booth has introduced advanced production equipment and processes such as water circulation system, UV paint or water-based paint production line. Metal furniture manufacturers have introduced automatic spraying lines, shot blasting machines and other equipment to replace the traditional pickling and phosphating processes that pollute the environment

Zhao Ruihai, President of Qumei furniture, said that Qumei not only used domestic advanced dust removal equipment to avoid pollution to the atmosphere or injury to staff, but also cooperated with environmental protection treatment companies to treat untreated waste in an intensive, scientific and systematic manner

it is understood that the furniture industry in Beijing has made significant progress in the application of materials, such as fiber particleboard, ground density particleboard, frameless honeycomb board and veneer laminated materials, which have been applied in some enterprises

hidden troubles still exist

the furniture industry in Beijing has made great progress in the new and cleaner production of advanced production equipment, which will be the key to the continuous and stable development of the plastic industry, but the low threshold of the furniture industry has lowered the level of cleaner production of the whole industry. He fajian said that at present, in the furniture industry, there are still a certain number of production enterprises with problems such as poor equipment, weak awareness of environmental protection, lack of social sense, and lack of effective control means for pollutants such as dust and VOC organic volatiles produced in the process of furniture production

Pointing to the faster and better development of the industry

when visiting Beijing furniture enterprises, it was found that some metal furniture enterprises were still using pickling and phosphating tanks, and there were still choking wood dust and gas in wood production workshops and paint workshops

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