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Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. won the support of the 863 high technology development plan of the Ministry of science and technology

in December 2007, the "development and research of high-speed and large capacity industrial Ethernet Fieldbus Technology" project declared by Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. passed the strict evaluation of the Ministry of science and technology, obtained the approval of the national high technology development plan (863 plan), and received the support of national financial allocations. "863" plan is a national high-tech research and development plan with important strategic significance. The chip structure is shown in Figure 1. The review of the subject is very strict, encouraging innovation and paying attention to the industrialization of high-tech achievements

Hollysys Electric Co., Ltd. won the support of the National 863 high technology development plan, indicating that the company's technical level has been in the leading position in China. The project is jointly developed by Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, which is another successful example of technology research and development cooperation between our company and universities. The development of this project is of great significance to the National 863 program and the technological development in the field of automation in China

Introduction to this topic

in the field of process industry automation, fieldbus is a very key communication technology. 863 plan has clearly put forward the requirements for tackling key problems of industrial Ethernet technology. Traditional fieldbus has become the "technical bottleneck" of the performance development of process automation control system because of its low communication speed and small packet capacity. When it is used in industrial field communication, Ethernet cannot process real-time data transmission. Therefore, this topic proposes to develop Ethernet communication technology with high speed, large capacity and real-time processing performance, which is in line with the development direction of the limit stress of rock under the effect of external force

the development of this technology can greatly improve the speed and capacity of fieldbus communication in China, overcome the "technical bottleneck" of the performance development of process automation control system, and effectively promote the development of process industry automation system in China

about the "863 Plan"

"863 Plan" is China's high-tech development plan since March 1986. Facing the severe challenges of the vigorous development of world high technology and increasingly fierce international competition, four scientists, including Wang Daheng, Wang Ganchang, Yang Jiayi and Chen Fangyun, put forward "suggestions on tracking and studying the development of foreign strategic high technology"; In November, 1986, China approved the launch of the "national high technology research and development plan", hereinafter referred to as the "863 Plan", with the main goal of tracking the development of international science and technology, narrowing the gap between domestic and foreign science and technology, and striving to make breakthroughs in the advantageous high-tech field

the National 863 program is a national high-tech research and development program of strategic significance for the long-term development of the country organized and implemented by the Chinese government in a critical period of vigorous development of high technology in the world and increasingly fierce international competition. It occupies a very important position in the development of science and technology in China and shoulders the important historical mission of developing high technology and realizing industrialization. Over the past 20 years, the 863 program has become a banner of China's scientific and technological development, especially high-tech research and development. With the support of the 863-2020 program, China has made a series of major research and development achievements and technological breakthroughs, such as the human genome research program, super hybrid rice, dawn super server, 6000 meter underwater robot, etc

about Hollysys motor

Beijing Hollysys Motor Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Sitong motor company, was renamed in 2002. Hollysys motor is in a leading position among domestic motion control manufacturers. Due to the problems of textile, mechanical processing, laser, engraving, printing, medical treatment and packaging, China's plastic machinery industry cannot meet foreign plastic machinery horizontal equipment, military industry, electronics, pharmaceutical, financial equipment and other industries as soon as possible to provide its own brand (Syntron "senchuang") stepping/servo/brushless precision control motors and drives Mechanical transmission unit, PLC and motion control system, visual measurement system and other multi-level high-tech products and system integration services. In the future, Hollysys will continue to maintain its technical advantages in the field of motion control and numerical control, strive to build a professional brand in discrete automation, and create the most valuable automation company in China through continuous and stable development

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