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Beijing determines 22 key transportation projects, the Sixth Ring Road of the urban railway will become a hot spot

Beijing determines 22 key transportation projects, the Sixth Ring Road of the urban railway will become a hot spot

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Guide: the proverb "Lu Tong Pepsi Xing" has been repeatedly confirmed in the Beijing property market in recent years. The opening of Beijing Tongzhou Expressway makes TongZhou a CBD? The opening of the back garden and the Fourth Ring Road has led to the prosperity of the property markets of the East Fourth Ring Road, the West Fourth Ring Road and the South Fourth Ring Road; The completion of the Beijing Kaifeng expressway has turned the line into the west, southwest and Southeast

the proverb "roads lead to everything", has been repeatedly confirmed in the Beijing property market in recent years. The opening of Beijing Tongzhou Expressway makes TongZhou a CBD? "Back garden", the opening of the Fourth Ring Road has driven the prosperity of the property market of the East Fourth Ring Road, the West Fourth Ring Road and the South Fourth Ring Road; The completion of Beijing Kaifeng expressway has made the line a new territory for white-collar workers in the west, southwest and southeast to "settle down and buy real estate"; The opening of the urban railway connecting Dongzhimen and Xizhimen has ignited the buildings in Shangdi, Huilongguan and other areas along the line... What municipal transportation projects will Beijing build in 2004? Which areas will be convenient for transportation and environment? What impact will these projects have on the Beijing property market

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- in 2004, Beijing identified 22 key transportation projects

in 2003, there was continuous good news about the completion and use of major projects such as urban transportation. In the good news of the opening of rail transit and expressways, What people feel is not only the convenience of travel, but also the improvement of the environment, the rise of house prices and so on. The "primary selection of key construction projects in Beijing in 2004" released by the municipal development and Reform Commission shows that among the key construction projects in 2004, there were 22 municipal transportation projects, and the investment in urban transportation infrastructure construction in 2004 increased by 78.3% over 2003

according to the introduction, there are 22 key municipal transportation projects to be completed in 2004, of which 5 are rail transit, namely Beijing Metro Line 5; Beijing Metro Line 10 (including the Olympic branch line); Metro Line 4; Beijing Metro Line 9; Capital airport rail transit. Urban road construction projects account for 17. It is certain that buyers will enjoy more good news from the construction of urban infrastructure next year

- which buildings will be built along the five rail transit lines

the real estate projects along the rail transit line are favored by ordinary people because of the convenience of travel. The price rise and hot sales of buildings in Shangdi, Huilongguan, Laiguangying and other regions brought about by the opening of urban railways last year seem to be still in mind. In 2004, five rail transit lines will be built. Which real estate buyers can choose along the line

Metro Line 5: the Metro Line 5 under construction starts from Songjiazhuang station, passes through Liujiayao station, Puhuangyu Station, Qiyuan station, Tiantan East Gate station, Ciqikou station, Chongwenmen station, Dongdan station, Dengshikou station, Dongsi station, Zhangzizhong Road station, Beixinqiao station, Yonghegong station, Hepingli North Street station, Hepingli West Bridge station, Beitucheng East Road station, Ganyangshu station, Datun station, highway first ring station, Dayangfang station, Lishuiqiao station Taipingzhuang station, and finally arrive at Taipingzhuang North Station, with 24 stops along the way, passing through Fengtai, Chongwen and Chaoyang. The buildings under construction along the way from north to South are: Tiantongyuan, Northern Pearl, Runcheng (Beiyuan homestead phase IV), Beichen Green Sunshine, Vanke Shuixie Huadu, Constance County, Runfeng Deshang international apartment, Furen Mingyuan, Lanjue family, Yonghe Mingjia, Hefeng Xiangfu, new world home, Fugui garden, Fengdu (Jiacheng Garden Phase II), Jiayun garden, century scenery, Zhengxin home, Jiahe family, Zhengbang home, love song 70 Xinzhaoya garden, jinrongyuan, Fangnan homeland, Zhumengyuan and other more than 20 real estate projects. It is not difficult to see that except Nancheng, the other areas that the No. 5 subway line passes through are relatively mature areas. Insiders believe that Fengtai area near Songjiazhuang will become a new hot spot of ordinary residential supply in Nancheng in 2004

Metro Line 4 runs from Majiabao to beigongmen, passing through Caishikou station, Xuanwumen Station, Xidan station, Lingjing station, Xisi station, pinganli station, Xinjiekou station, Xizhimen Station, zoo station, Huangzhuang station, etc. it is also a rail transit running through the north and south of the urban area, passing through Fengtai, Xuanwu, Xicheng, Haidian District. Line 4 mainly passes through urban areas, and its biggest function is to connect Zhongguancun Science and technology park with the urban area. There are not many new buildings along the line, and the supply of new buildings in the future is not very large

the early demolition of Metro Line 9 from World Park to Baishiqiao will be completed in 2004. The stations along the way are: World Park Station, Fengtai Science Park Station, Yihai Garden Station, Huaxiang station, Fengtai Railway Station, Fengtai North Road station, Liuliqiao west station, Liuliqiao station, Beijing West Railway Station, Junbo station, Chegongzhuang station, capital gymnasium station, Wuluju station, Banjing Road station, Sijiqing station, etc. As the areas along the route are already hot areas in the real estate market, the impact of line 9 on the regional real estate market along the route has been assessed as "icing on the cake" by insiders

Metro Line 10 (including the Olympic branch line) connecting the East and the West starts from the indigochang area in Haidian District in the northwest and ends at Songjiazhuang, passing through Haidian District, Chaoyang District and Fengtai District. The first phase of the project mainly passes through Wanliu District, Zhongguancun District, Shuangyushu District, Xueyuan Road, Olympic Park and Olympic Sports Center, Taiyanggong district and liangshandong innovation group adhere to the direction of lightweight development, Mahe, agricultural exhibition hall, CBD, Shuangjing Jinsong and other large passenger flow distribution centers. The significance of Metro Line 10 is that it connects the three economic hotspots of Zhongguancun, Olympic Village and CBD. The hot spot of the property market along the way in 2004 is the Taiyanggong area. At present, there are buildings such as the Sun International Mansion in the sun new city and UHN International Village in this area. According to the official and market feedback, the supply of this area will exceed 3million square meters in 2004, and some Eastern white-collar workers with relatively high income will settle down here

- the improvement of the urban road adds selling points to the buildings along the line

it is reported that the sales have not been very good since its entry into the market in 2002, but this has little impact on the price (except for the door style). Since the opening of Chaoyang North Road at the end of 2003, the sales of Zhujiang Roman garden have changed dramatically, and it has sold 300 million by the end of the year. At the same time, the opening of Chaoyang North Road has also driven the second-hand housing market along the line. In 2004, there were 17 urban road projects like Chaoyang North Road to improve urban roads, including: urban trunk roads: zhaodengyu Road, Dongdan North South Street, Xidan North South Street. According to reports, these urban trunk roads are mainly to open up the North-South channel of the urban area. At present, there are five north-south vertical channels planned within the Second Ring Road, and the plan has not been realized at present. It is planned to start the construction of Dongdan North South Street and Xidan North South Street next year, connecting zhaodengyu street to the North Second Ring Road, forming three north-south passages within the second ring road. Industry insiders believe that the construction of the above urban main roads will mainly bring benefits to the second-hand housing market in the region

- along the sixth ring road will become a new low-density residential area

in addition to the above projects, the municipal transportation projects to be carried out in 2004 include the Sixth Ring Road, Jingcheng Road (Third Ring Road to city boundary), and Jingping expressway; National Highway 110 (Sixth Ring Road to shipeifang), Airport North Road (from Jingcheng Expressway to the north gate of capital airport), Airport second expressway

the free opening of the Fifth Ring Road in 2003 has made the line a low-density residential area, and a number of projects such as Beijing elegant residence and Emerald City have become the first choice for white-collar workers who advocate natural lifestyles. Insiders predict that in 2004, the construction of the second expressway of the airport and the completion of the Sixth Ring Road and Jingcheng expressway will "expand" the circle of low-rise low-density residential buildings, and the line along the sixth ring road will become an emerging area of low-density residential buildings in Beijing

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