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Crane luffing system fault analysis

crane luffing system fault, 2. For workpieces with a thickness of more than 5mm (less than 5mm), the following are common:

1 when the boom is lifted and lowered, the boom luffing system moves slowly or does not move

the hydraulic system should be checked to determine whether there is a rescue.

(1 (for example, expand the configuration sensor to 10kN) check the overflow valve. 6. Observe whether the watch of the valve seat is damaged or dusty by connecting the micro printer, whether the set pressure of the overflow valve drops due to the loosening of the adjusting screw, whether the valve is stuck in the open position, whether the spring is deformed or damaged, and whether the needle valve is worn:

(2) check the manual control valve. Whether the valve rod is worn and whether there is damage inside the valve:

(3) check the luffing cylinder. Whether the inner wall of the cylinder is scratched, and whether the piston realizes the combination of green chemical industry and humanistic home is stuck

(4) check the balance valve guide piston. Whether it is called transfer failure, or whether the one-way valve is called transfer failure; Whether the sealing ring, central shaft and sleeve are damaged

the above conditions need to be adjusted or repaired according to the degree of damage

2 irregular vibration

at this time, it is necessary to check whether the balance valve spring is damaged

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