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Failure analysis of the platedrawing device of Roland 600 offset press

at present, there are many domestic manufacturers with German Manroland printing presses, most of which are imported second-hand equipment. In order to save printing preparation time, this type of printing machine is equipped with a remote registration device, which is installed on the side of the ink mixing table. After a long time of using the remote control registration device in the elastic range and until the upper yield stiffness, it is easy to have some faults, and will be displayed in the form of various error information codes to indicate the cause of the fault

common error message codes include e-1e, e-2e, e-3e, e-4e and e-5e. These five error message codes cannot be found in the instructions. Maintenance personnel often cannot carry out maintenance work because they do not know their specific meaning

general condition:

e-1e: refers to the actual value of remote control registration cannot be checked

e-2e: refers to the failure to transmit normal values

e-3e: it means that the status of the currently selected unit cannot be checked

e-4e: the current running state of the servo motor cannot be confirmed

e-5e: refers to the servo motor position potentiometer is not within the adjustment range

when e-1e, e-2e, e-3e occur, it indicates that there is such a problem in the information exchange between the CPU on the console and the servo motor control board, such as poor line contact or disconnection. When e-4e and e-5e appear in the circumferential or horizontal drawing, it indicates that there is a problem with the corresponding drawing unit. At this time, the unit should be inspected and repaired

according to the above error message code prompt and my actual maintenance experience, I now introduce some fault phenomena and solutions as follows, and communicate with colleagues

e-5e error message code

when the operator selects the third group of horizontal pulling sleeve, if the error message code of e-5e is displayed, the corresponding third group of servo pulling device can be turned on to check its 1. Chinese LCD, Loosen the position potentiometer of the horizontal plate drawing motor (Note: there is a drive wheel at the head of the potentiometer, which is fixed on the potentiometer shaft with an Allen screw. The motor drives the belt, and then the belt drives the drive wheel to drive the potentiometer to rotate. Loosening the potentiometer will loosen the drive wheel). Rotate the potentiometer slightly for a small angle to see if there is still an e-5e error message code. If there is a number, The description is within the normal range. At this time, the electrical aspect is normal, but the mechanical zero position of the plate cylinder changes. Therefore, the electrical zero position and mechanical zero position must be unified in order to work normally

there is also a case that the servo motor fails, dragging the potentiometer out of the adjustment range. At this time, the motor must be replaced. In addition, if the analog-to-digital conversion integrated block AD574 on the servotronic board is damaged, the e-5e error message code will also appear

e-4e error message code

when the operator selects the second group of pulling sleeve, the e-4e error message code appears during the circumferential pulling process. If the driving wheel of the circumferential potentiometer is loose and the potentiometer does not rotate, the control CPU will not know the running state of the motor and display an error message. Tighten the potentiometer and the problem is solved

another situation is that the servo motor jitters during operation, and the potentiometer output is not a continuous voltage waveform. At this time, the servo motor needs to be replaced

e-2e or e-3e error message code

e-2e or e-3e error message code will appear in the process of selecting color deck for drawing and registration, and numbers cannot be displayed at this time, because the temperature of the electronic board on the console is too high, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the CPU chip. After checking the control electronic board, it is found that the 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is overheated, and the heat sink of CPU (80C31) close to the three terminal voltage regulator and the CPU chip itself are also very hot, while the optional drive technology daughter board is sealed in a small space, making it more difficult to dissipate heat. The problem can be solved by taking corresponding measures to cool down

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