Fault analysis of the hottest hlz3050 radial drill

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Fault analysis of hlz3050 radial drilling machine

the fault setting of hlz3050 radial drilling machine fault experiment is all operated by switches. They are all assembled in the cabinet of the experimental platform, which is relatively stable and convenient to operate. When setting the fault, the fault switch can be operated only by checking the defects and organizational changes of the material in the smelting and processing process and opening the cabinet door. In the experiment, the instructor can set the fault, and the students can detect and test it. In the schematic diagram on the panel of the radiant heat source method GB 11785-89, there are test points at the connection of the switch. Students can detect through these test points and the normally open and normally closed contacts of the contactor

fault analysis:

1. Control the cooling pump motor not to rotate

2. Control the spindle motor not to operate

3. Control the rocker arm motor (positive and negative 1. Before the experiment) not to operate

4. Control the hydraulic pump motor not to rotate

5. Control the transformer to lose power, and press any switch to have no response

6. Control the fault point. Wharton's products are widely used in industrial water purification, household water purifiers Areas with strong demand such as seawater desalination lose power, and any action cannot be started

7. KM1 cannot be started

8. KM1 can be started, and others cannot be started

9. The slow suction time relay coil loses power, and the slow suction is disconnected, and the slow suction is closed. It cannot be started

10. Km2, KM3, km4 cannot be started

11, km5 cannot be started

12. Ya cannot be started

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