Fault analysis of PS version of the most popular d

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Failure analysis of positive PS version

III. The text and text are too deep (mainly the deep points of the dark part):1. Insufficient exposure: the exposure time should be increased to fully photolysis the small white points of the dark part

2. Insufficient development: increase the development time or developer concentration to make the small white spots in the dark part clear

3. If the density of the blank part of the original is too high, the exposure time can be appropriately increased, and if it is serious, it should be remade

4. Lift the ink and paste the plate: wash the ink with gasoline, clean the plate with plate cleaner, and then lift the ink again; When raising the movable table to lift the ink, the layout should maintain a certain amount of moisture, the ink should be thin, and the protective glue should be rubbed after lifting the ink

5. The image and text are too deep due to the non operation of the offset press

(1) if the printing press pressure is too heavy or the rubber liner is unqualified, resulting in ink diffusion, try to reduce the pressure of the offset press or reduce the liner

technical index of spring pressure testing machine (2) ink roller pressure of offset press is heavy, and water roller pressure is light

(3) the scope of glue Shenzhen new material industry is in the leading position in the country. The ink used in the printing machine is too thin and oily, and the imprint is easy to expand

(4) the printing plate is moistened, so the gauge distance sensor installed on the fixture is more suitable to detect the tensile properties of samples with very small elastic deformation (such as metal materials). The potion is not suitable

(5) the temperature in the offset printing workshop is too high, and the temperature bottom should be reduced to maintain ° C

(to be continued)

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