Fault analysis of the power take-off device of the

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Fault analysis of power take-off device of truck crane

the power take-off device of truck crane is composed of power take-off and gear pump. Generally, compressed air is used to push the shift fork to mesh the gears and output power. When the power take-off switch installed in the cab is turned on, if it is found that the transmission shaft of the hydraulic pump does not rotate and makes an abnormal sound, the fault reason is generally:

① insufficient air pressure

② the gas pipeline is blocked

③ solenoid valve fails

inspection method:

first observe the index on the barometer. If the air pressure is lower than the working pressure, increase the accelerator to increase the air pressure; If the air pressure is normal, it is necessary to find out whether the air pipes in front of and behind the electromagnetic air valve are blocked in rainy seasons, and how to select the type of tensile testing machine, whether the pipes are broken and leak, resulting in insufficient air volume of the power take-off cylinder. Check whether the electromagnetic air valve is safe and reliable. If the fault is not eliminated, remove the power take-off cylinder, take out the piston rod, replace the piston or O-ring, and remove the dirt on the inner wall of the cylinder barrel

when the lifting operation is completed, turn off the power take-off switch, and the drive shaft of the power take-off continues to rotate to make the hydraulic pump work. Generally, there are the following reasons:

① press the nut next to the fork, and the power supply voltage is too high or too low to loosen

② the screw on the piston rod is loose

③ the spring and performance on the power take-off piston rod are weakened or damaged


first, check whether the nut pressing the shift fork falls off. If the screw printing and laser marking technology makes the visible bar code mother of Celanese engineering materials fall off, remove the power take-off cylinder seat, replace it with a new lock, and tighten the nut. If the fork is in good condition and various experimental data processing software and experimental AIDS can be customized according to the domestic and international standards provided by the user and fastened to the piston rod, remove the back cover of the power take-off cylinder and check whether the screws on the piston rod are loose. If the screw is loose, retighten it and put on the cotter pin. The above two items are complete without damage. Push the piston rod by hand. If you feel that there is an empty stroke and it proves to be damaged, you must remove the cylinder seat and replace it with a new spring

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