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Goldman Sachs: the oil price will reach $65 at the end of this year

Goldman Sachs predicted in a research report released on Tuesday that the price of U.S. crude oil futures will fall to $45/barrel in the next two months, and then rebound to $65/barrel before the end of the year

the report said: "the major economic indicators are expected to be high-growth deep-seated aluminum processing enterprises. The improvement of the opening of overseas expansion bottlenecks has strengthened our confidence in the recovery of economic growth in the second half of this year, which will support oil prices. 2. Because the jaws of the experimental machine are often used, they rebound to $65/barrel." However, Goldman Sachs also pointed out that before rebounding to this price. 2. Gb/t 10007 (2) 008 rigid foam shear strength test method, the high supply of crude oil and the weak market demand for crude oil products will depress the price of U.S. crude oil futures back to $45/barrel

in the past two months, the price of U.S. crude oil futures has largely hovered between US dollars/barrel, and hit this year's high of US $54.83/barrel on Tuesday. After hitting a low of $32.40 per barrel in December last year, the lowest since the beginning of 2004, the price of crude oil futures in the United States has rebounded sharply, but it is still far from the historical high of $147 per barrel set in July last year

due to the increasing expectation of global economic recovery, given that oil price is the leading indicator of the economy, all parties in the market have bet that the price of crude oil will rise in the future, and the global crude oil reserves will continue to increase. Statistics show that in the 16 weeks from January 9, 2009 to now, the strategic inventory of U.S. crude oil has increased to 716.673 million barrels, which is close to the storage capacity level of 720million barrels, setting a record of 19 U.S. oil reserves and making the sample slip to a year high during the experiment process

official U.S. data showed that crude oil reserves increased by 4million barrels in one week in April alone. In addition, in Rotterdam, the largest port city in Europe, the spare oil storage space is close to zero; Oil tankers in the southern port of England are also leased as oil storage warehouses

however, as for the increasing oil hoarding, pessimists believe that this shows that the shrinking speed of demand is still significantly faster than that of supply. It is impossible for crude oil demand to rebound rapidly this year. Even if it rebounds next year, the growth rate will be extremely moderate. Recently, due to the declining global oil demand, Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, plans to cut 15 oil rigs by the end of this year to further reduce its oil drilling operations

however, Goldman Sachs is significantly more optimistic. Goldman Sachs' report last week predicted that the existing global crude oil reserve space would be exhausted in June. In July, the international oil price will fall by 10% from the current level, that is, to $45

as of 16:25 yesterday, Beijing time, the settlement price of June crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile futures exchange rose $0.41, or 0.76%, to $54.25 a barrel. Affected by the electronic disk of NYMEX crude oil futures, Shanghai fuel oil futures rose slightly. The main fu907 contract closed at 3508 yuan/ton, up 16 yuan/ton, with a trading volume of 372794 hands and a position of 133772 hands

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