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Good luck Futures: the stock market drove the crude oil price to close higher, Shanghai oil opened higher and weakened

the EIA announced on Thursday that if the power line anti twist strength is not enough, the report showed that as of the week of November 7, the U.S. crude oil inventory remained stable, and the gasoline inventory increased by 2million barrels. In that week, the average daily import of crude oil in the United States decreased by 46.9 million barrels compared with the previous week, and the end of the bolt should be slightly higher than that of the nut. The average daily import of gasoline fell sharply by about 589000 barrels. In the past four weeks, the total daily average supply of refined oil was close to 19.1 million barrels, a year-on-year decrease of 6.6 percentage points. The daily average demand for gasoline was nearly 9.1 million barrels, a year-on-year decrease of 1.9%. Inventory data shows that US crude oil consumption continues to be weak. However, the strength of the stock market supported the crude oil price, and the Dow surged in late trading. "Halbl nder said that it rose 552 points, and the NYMEX crude oil index closed up $2.11 to $60.66. The contract closed at $59.06 in January. The electronic market opened higher and went lower, still hovering below $60

Shanghai oil market weakened after opening higher today, with fu0902 closing at 2349. The continuous decline of the spot market price made Shanghai oil fall more strongly, and fell below the bottom support of the previous shock range before crude oil. In recent trading days, the market has been active, and the position has reached a new high since the contract was listed. The downward trend of crude oil has initially taken shape, the spot price of domestic fuel oil is low, and the early price has effectively fallen below the early shock range, so Shanghai oil can continue to maintain a short position

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