The hottest Gome e e-commerce launched a price war

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Gome e e-commerce launched a price war. Mou Guixian took full charge of Gome

yesterday, it was confirmed from GOME e e-commerce platform that Mou Guixian, with a distinctive impression of Huang Guangyu's family, took full charge of Gome, from behind the scenes to in front of the stage. As soon as mu guixianfu appeared, he issued an e-commerce eulogy to commemorate the fallen e-commerce, which attracted attention, and then launched a new round of e-commerce price war on the grounds that the Internet has begun to enter the era of loser economy. The analysis points out that Gome, which has a scale gap with and Suning Tesco, intends to attract popularity through strange tricks

Gome said yesterday that today's Internet has begun to enter the era of loser economy. Only enterprises that get losers can finally win the world. Gome believes that with the expansion of e-commerce categories, users show a multi-level, pan young structural characteristics, and Gome will provide promotional resources to support this group

just a week ago, Mu Guixian, chairman of Gome, lamented in the Qingming e-commerce eulogy that the sick e-commerce industry had killed many young e-commerce stations and called for sound development

it is learned that Mou Guixian is currently the senior vice president of Gome group and the chairman of Gome. All the strange tricks are his own. At present, he has completed a process from behind the scenes to in front of the stage. The confidence behind Mou should come from Huang Guangyu. According to the source, Gome will maximize its resources to support this event to narrow the scale gap with its competitors, and should pay enough attention to the environmental protection of the thermal insulation industry

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