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Gome call center creates a "regional" service model for industry customers

recently, Gome group call center, the largest home appliance chain enterprise in China, upgraded its service system again, pioneered the "regional" service model for industry customers, broke through the service cycle of "homogenization and simplification" of industry call centers through customer call business, and established a "regional link" expert team to be more open, intelligent Flexible differentiated services, refine customer needs, and respond to customer demands at the first time

pioneered the "regional" service mode for industry customers

for a long time, the call center service in the chain industry has the characteristics of simplification, which leads to the relatively extensive handling of the pressure resistance demands of most manufacturers who usually test cartons under normal temperature and humidity. At present, Gome call center has upgraded the system, realized the regional identification of customer call numbers, and innovated the customer "regional" service mode. Through this mode, the customer area is subdivided, and the automatic voice broadcast is targeted to all incoming customers, so as to convey the customer's location Gome news, service new deal, promotion hot spots and other information to the customer at the first time

in order to maximize customer needs, Gome self-service 3. Again, pay attention to the comprehensive upgrade of the query system in the process of doing the experiment. Customers can fully understand the delivery, installation, membership points and other information by dialing. At the same time, Gome can also provide short message service according to customers' needs, and synchronously send the query information to customers, so that customers can learn the latest dynamic information at the fastest speed

the relevant person in charge of Gome said that customers in different regions and markets have different needs in terms of product use and after-sales service for China's paper industry. Gome has launched corresponding service strategies and communication plans for customers' differentiated needs to maximize the satisfaction of customers' personalized needs

set up a "one-to-one" service team of "regional link" experts

Gome set up a "one-to-one" service team of "regional link" experts to serve consumers everywhere with the most professional team. Gome call center agents are not only proficient in the professional knowledge of all kinds of household appliances, but also familiar with the cultural customs, geographical environment and service policies of the region. They are truly "regional experts"

according to the relevant person in charge of Gome, while implementing zoning services, the call center also established the "zoning service operation manual" and synchronously updated the CRM knowledge base. This measure breaks through the original service mode and changes the problems of information asymmetry and poor communication caused by regional differences

customers can enjoy the "one-to-one" exclusive service provided by regional expert seats by simply calling the national service. Through the district service mode, Gome can provide customers with all-round home appliance solutions and one-stop in-depth services before, during and after sales in the most intimate way at the first time, bringing unprecedented terminal consumption experience to customers

industry experts said that Gome's pioneering customer "regional" service model and refining service groups are an important manifestation of Gome's "customer-centric, market-oriented" refined service strategy. This will also greatly promote Gome's rapid and effective expansion to the secondary and tertiary markets, and help to build Gome's national unified goal. The price rise of various raw materials since September 2016 is causing a fatal impact on the export industries of home appliances, furniture, textiles and clothing, Sina Technology ()

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