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Goodyear released "urban crossover" concept tires to help the new Lexus UX concept car

recently, Lexus exhibited the new UX concept car at the 2016 Paris International Auto Show. This unique concept car is equipped with Goodyear's "urban crossover" concept tires, which shows the substantive results of the cross-border cooperation between Lexus and Goodyear tire rubber company

Lexus UX concept car

when Lexus entrusted Goodyear to develop tires for its latest concept car, it put forward two requirements: adopt the most cutting-edge design concept and the most cutting-edge technology

in response to the unique design of the concept car, which is the most common salt in life, Goodyear adopted the same "inside out" concept as the concept car in tire design. Based on this concept, the inner and outer design elements of the tire are integrated with each other, and the connection between the spokes and the tire sidewall is completed at one go, ensuring that it is consistent with the unique design style of the Lexus concept car. Each part of the tire sidewall fits seamlessly with the whole wheel, and the personalized design shows a unique urban crossover style. The unique tread pattern adds a sense of movement to the appearance of the tire. In terms of manufacturing, this tire also adopts Goodyear's advanced laser carving technology

Goodyear's "urban crossover" concept tire

at the same time, the "urban crossover" concept tire also uses many top cutting-edge technologies, including Goodyear's silent comfort technology. By adding a layer of perforated polyurethane foam material to the tire liner, the resonance noise generated in the tire cavity when the tire rolls can be effectively reduced, providing an extremely quiet cockpit environment for drivers and passengers. During driving, drivers and passengers can listen to music, talk or focus on other things in a quiet environment without being disturbed by tire noise

in this concept tire, Goodyear also realizes the combination of silent comfort technology and chip in tire technology for the first time. Goodyear demonstrated its advanced embedded sensing technology in Geneva in 2014. With this technology, the chip embedded in the tire can transmit the important information of the tire to the on-board computer. Several excellent enterprises in China (such as Lepu medical, tiger medicine, etc.) have achieved cross-border integration between different segments, so as to better improve the stability and braking performance of the vehicle when cornering. These important information include tire pressure, temperature and tire identification details. Based on these important information, the on-board computer can automatically optimize the vehicle longitudinal and lateral control algorithm to ensure stable and good driving performance

overall dimension: (420) × one hundred and eighty × 475mm) mm in addition, this new concept tire is also equipped with Goodyear's air shortage maintenance technology. By thickening the sidewall of the tire, it can ensure that the vehicle will continue to drive for 80 kilometers at a speed of no more than 80 kilometers per hour when the tire is damaged, leaking or even completely out of pressure

Goodyear Europe David anckaert, director of the supporting tire product development business unit in the Middle East and Africa, said: "We are very proud that the company can develop such an innovative concept tire for the Lexus UX concept car. It is highly consistent with the design concept of the Lexus UX concept car, which once again proves Goodyear's experience and strength in providing customized solutions for manufacturers of automotive 1 and spring testing machines under normal application conditions. At the same time, with the leading technology that has been very mature in our existing products, including static It is believed that this new concept tire can meet the needs of Lexus owners for comfort, safety and driving fun. "

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