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Goodbye, street lamp! China's "artificial moon" will be in the sky in 2020

the topic of "artificial moon" was hotly discussed by Chinese friends a few days ago. I didn't expect the west to pay much attention to this topic. Recently, Western media reported that China will complete another great innovation in 2020, and the American media directly pointed out that this big project in 2020 is whether China can push the overflow valve piston to death or install anti energy, and will launch an "artificial moon" satellite

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American experts also complain, saying that China has taken the lead again this time. Moreover, some Russian experts also claimed that China would save 1.2 billion electricity bills every year after the "artificial moon" was hung in the sky in 2020

it can be said that now the Chinese are looking forward to the launch of this "artificial satellite", but the west is jealous of China's project. So is this "artificial moon" as powerful as what the west says

this "artificial moon" is actually a satellite, but its surface is coated with a reflective coating that can reflect the sun's rays. Its working principle is that the reflective coating on the surface covers the satellite sail, and then when it is running, it collects the sun's rays together, so as to become a luminous body like the moon, providing illumination for the night sky

it is reported that after the launch of China's "artificial moon" in 2020, a series of overall verification work will be held at the exhibition. If everything goes well, there will be three "artificial moons" hanging in the night sky in China in 2022

after the implementation of China's plan in 2020, Chengdu plans to gradually replace the street lights in Chengdu and surrounding areas with this satellite, making it a lighting tool to illuminate the metropolis, thus saving about 1.2 billion yuan in photoelectric fees every year

and the advantage of this satellite is that its lighting will not be damaged in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes. Some friends also said that by 2020 or so, Chengdu will be able to say goodbye to streetlights

some people are worried about whether this "artificial moon" will disturb the ecological balance after it hangs in the sky? China has also taken this issue into consideration. Chinese experts said that this "artificial moon" will be turned on according to daily needs, selectively or the impact experiment gap broaching machine of Jinan experimental machine factory can also control the lighting time and brightness according to the driving mode, so it has little impact on the ecological balance and human biological clock

in fact, the idea of "artificial moon" was first put forward by France, and several countries have also carried out research in this regard. The United States has plans to carry out research on high-energy military weapons, but it has been doing so for many years and has not developed a famous one. However, China is the first to stir up trouble. Today's China has amazed the world, and today's large-scale projects in China have also amazed the world. This is the embodiment of China's strong comprehensive strength

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