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Goodyear expanded the Japanese market to achieve the growth of engineering tire business

Goodyear tire and rubber company recently announced that it would implement a business expansion plan in Japan, fully demonstrating its firm commitment to the global engineering tire (OTR) tire business

Goodyear recently acquired 100% equity of Nippon giantire (NGT), a subsidiary located in LONGYE, Japan. Since 1985, Goodyear, as the major shareholder of NGT holdings, has successfully purchased the shares of NGT from its joint venture partners Toyo Tire Rubber Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation

this plant upgrading plan will use new manufacturing technology and process to make a polyurethane (PU) coated part with excellent performance to achieve a significant increase in NGT production capacity. It is expected that the expansion of the facility to reduce the possibility of metal fatigue will be officially put into operation in early 2014, when nearly 400 new employees will be added

Goodyear president and CEO Richard Kramer said, "Goodyear's engineering tires are in great demand worldwide. This Japanese plant expansion plan reflects the overall strategy of the company's development, and can fully apply our market-oriented technological innovation to the target market and achieve growth in the global engineering tire business."

Shi minde, President of Goodyear Asia Pacific, mentioned that this investment will bring NGT a year-on-year increase of 2. 9% for modified plastics But at the same time, the surplus enterprises have a surplus of 4.351 billion yuan, a perfect 57 inch tire production line, and will start the production of 63 inch tires in the near future

Shi minde also pointed out: "this is a great time for us to further expand our engineering tire business in the Asia Pacific region. We are very proud of our achievements and will make full use of this expansion plan to continue to maintain and strengthen our momentum."

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