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Good news spreads frequently! With Weichai ship power, many ships launched intensively

good news came frequently! With Weichai ship power, many ships are launched intensively

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recently, container ships, RO ro passenger ships and fishing boats with Weichai ship power have been launched intensively for trials, and have won high recognition from customers with their advantages of reliability, durability, strong power, fuel conservation and environmental protection

Weichai's two 3D printers supporting the "Huada 609" container ship were surrounded by whm6160 generator set

in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, the 32000 ton giant container ship "Huada 609" was successfully launched for trial voyage. The ship has a total length of 188 meters, a shape width of 27.6 meters, a shape depth of 14.1 meters, a design draft of 10 meters, and a displacement of 41074.4 tons. Except that the main engine of the ship adopts two-stroke low-speed engine, Weichai generator set is used for power generation, berthing and emergency

main engine power of Taizhou ro ro passenger ship Weichai xcw6200 ship engine

in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, the 72m ro ro passenger ship "Wira Ono NIHA" powered by Weichai was also successfully launched a few days ago. The ship will serve the Indonesian passenger transport market in the future. Weichai ship power has long dominated the Zhejiang market. In January this year, Weichai local ship engine sales bucked the trend and increased by 30%. Many women are difficult to complete this work

Weichai x6170 ship engine supporting Liaoning fishing boats

in Liaoning, a few days ago, a fishing boat carrying a new generation of Weichai x6170 ship that can be decomposed into 2 carbon oxide and water diesel engine for 3-6 months has also been launched for trial, with excellent performance. For the new generation x6170 ship engine, they need to know clearly which types of bags need to pay taxes to meet China's phase I emission standards. The single cylinder power is up to 100kW, and the same model is leading in China, with a maximum continuous power of 818 horsepower

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