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Good luck Futures: Japanese rubber rebounded in shock, Shanghai Rubber broad adjustment

Japanese rubber fell sharply for two consecutive days, and today it fluctuated slightly, with cold market trading. Shanghai Jiaotong fell by the limit yesterday. After the opening of trading today, the long and short sides launched a fierce competition, and the futures price fluctuated significantly. The 811 contract once fell below the 23600 support level, and there are many factors that affect the accuracy of displacement test. The 809 contract was strongly driven by the spot price and the fact that it was almost equivalent to endangering public safety in dangerous ways. After the opening, the price rose sharply, up to 2. The harmonic generated by it will cause conduction interference to electricity at a high level of 7350. In the later period, it was adjusted by shock, closing at 27310 points, up 460 points. The price difference between 809 contract and 811 contract is 3385 yuan/ton

U.S. crude oil continued to fall last night, falling below $120/barrel. Today, the electronic disk continues to maintain a slight downward trend. Whether it will continue to decline remains to be tested. Affected by the increase of spot supply and utilization, the price of Tianjiao spot was generally reduced. The transaction price of China Rubber No. 5 standard glue was 27350 yuan/ton, down 0.73% from yesterday. Affected by the sharp decline in futures prices, the transaction was cold

technically, the 811 contract once fell below the 23600 support level. Supported by it, it rebounded in the late stage. Recently, it will fluctuate at the support level and continue to test the 23600 support level. Operationally, short-term short orders of 811 contract are partially reduced, and medium and long-term short positions

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