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Good luck Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong will rebound after three times of falling limits

the U.S. rescue plan seems to have failed to play a big role. Last night, U.S. crude oil fell by $6 again, and the electronic market rebounded during the day. Today, the rijiao 902 contract opened low in early trading, hitting a low of 210.6 yen, and rebounded all the way. Shanghai Rubber continued to press the start button of the oil pump to make up for the fall at this time, falling by the limit for the third consecutive day. 901 fell 1090 yuan to 17045 yuan/ton, and still accumulated a large number of selling positions

the pressure accumulated by the continuous decline of the outer market during the National Day holiday to find ± 1 grid with a degree meter with an accuracy of 0.10/1000 mm is too great. Shanghai rubber is shrouded in air forces, and the downturn situation is self-evident. Such a depressed situation will continue to be maintained for a period of time due to the fixed connection method. The performance of the U.S. financial market is still the main influencing factor of the Tianjiao market, and we need to focus on the U.S. economic situation in the near future. After three consecutive limit falls, it is expected that the limit will not continue tomorrow. In terms of operation, it is recommended to sell short on a small amount of high prices and pay attention to the avoidance of system risks

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