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Analysis of the standing conditions of state-owned packaging enterprises in the 21st century (2)

state owned packaging enterprises should adjust the personnel management system in time to make it conform to the new trend

people are not able to become talents by themselves. To a large extent, they are affected by their environment, and the role of surrounding organizations is like a signal light on the road. The most important organizational structure here is the personnel management system. People are the most valuable wealth resources of enterprises. We should pay attention to the coordinated relationship between people, technology and organization, and determine the allocation of technology and the choice of its organizational form from the perspective of helping to mobilize the potential development of people. Therefore, state-owned packaging enterprises should change the past personnel management system and establish a new personnel management system in line with the development of state-owned packaging enterprises under the new situation. That is to establish a dynamic employment mechanism in which cadres can be promoted and demoted and workers can enter and leave. The appointment system is implemented for cadres, and cadres in some important positions are publicly recruited. During the employment period, if they fail to complete the work plan or are incompetent, the enterprise can dismiss them at any time. Form an employment mechanism of "appointment, unification of responsibilities and rights, and promotion and demotion", and enhance the cadres' awareness of competitive employment. Implement the "three post system" of taking up posts, trying posts and waiting for posts for workers, optimize the combination and choose the best to take up posts. Each job position should be examined and certified, and take the post with certificates. After waiting for the post, they should enter the internal talent and labor market of the enterprise to receive training. The position of the enterprise needs to be selected in the internal labor market with working hours. The distribution of employees' wages is no longer based on the current file wages, but is directly linked to the working ability of employees and the economic benefits of the unit. For those senior employees and those who have special contributions to the enterprise, the annual benefit wage system can be implemented, thus strengthening the supervision and restraint of senior employees of the enterprise. Therefore, the personnel department of state-owned packaging enterprises should have a detailed understanding of each employee in the enterprise and establish a detailed personal file. We should not only master the technical level and working ability of each employee, but also master their ideological status and understand what they are thinking. Can the current working environment improve his working ability. If the personnel department of state-owned packaging enterprises can give full play to the working ability of each employee and make immediate adjustments, their working ability and technical level will be continuously improved. Let employees feel that there is no end to learning and that they will never be proficient, so that they can feel comfortable, study hard and be at ease in their own work; If the personnel department of the state-owned packaging enterprise cannot arrange the work according to the actual working ability of the staff, let them always do the work lower than their actual level. Employees have no enterprising spirit, and their thoughts are depressed. At this time, employees must find ways to work in packaging factories run by individuals, collectives and foreign-funded enterprises. Because the employment system of these factories is very flexible, they will mobilize your work enthusiasm in various ways according to your actual work ability, so as to create more profits for them; The employees who did not leave at that time will also slow down, which will affect the product quality and production progress. This is a big taboo of enterprise competition in the 21st century

state owned packaging enterprises should comprehensively adjust the bloated and bureaucratic organization

the organizational structure of packaging enterprises in the 21st century should have the characteristics of "3S", that is, snarl (small), strong (strong) and speed (fast). However, the state-owned packaging enterprises have a bloated, huge and bureaucratic organizational structure. The bloated and bureaucratic organizational structure is impossible to produce an organization that is small and fast to achieve a business. Therefore, the state-owned packaging enterprises should focus on the abolition of those unnecessary organizational structures. Only by reducing the number of institutions, carrying light equipment and reducing production costs, can enterprises have vitality and remain invincible in the future market competition. However, unlike what some people claim, the smaller the scale of packaging enterprises in the future, the more advantages they will have. This is because if the packaging enterprises are too small, although their product quality is very good and the manufacturing cost is not high, their output is limited and their market share is bound to be very small, so it is difficult to stand firm in the market competition, let alone how to enter the international market. However, large collectivized and intensive packaging enterprise groups have high market share due to their large investment scale, easy upgrading of products and brand creation, so their products are well-known, with guaranteed quality. Due to their strong technical and economic strength, large production scale and high degree of intensification, these enterprises can compete with similar international enterprises. It is easy to enter the international market. In addition, we need to invigorate strategic economic cooperation. Only enterprises that are good at strategic economic cooperation can survive in the fierce market competition in the future

state owned packaging enterprises should have social awareness in the process of development

state owned packaging enterprises should gain a firm foothold in the enterprise competition in the 21st century. In addition to improving product quality, they should also strengthen publicity and make full use of advertisements and other publicity activities to establish the social image of the enterprise. However, for packaging enterprises, whether in the process of production and use, it will cause considerable harm to the society, and seriously pollute the living space we rely on, that is, pollute the environment. Therefore, if packaging enterprises want to establish their own corporate image in the society, they should make efforts in environmental protection, which is of great benefit to improve the corporate image

facing the challenge of the world environmental crisis, the world has launched a massive environmental protection activities. Packaging enterprises shoulder the heavy responsibility of reducing environmental pollution in the production process and disposing of packaging waste. For this reason, packaging enterprises must change their concepts, strengthen their awareness of non pollution, implement Zhijin min's interpretation of the new trend of household appliance materials, implement ISO1400 series standards, and obtain the certification of ISO1400 series standards. Implement "green management" within the enterprise, change ordinary packaging into "green packaging", and strive for "green trademark". In order to develop green packaging as soon as possible, enterprises should not only strengthen the publicity and education of their employees, but also take to the streets, take various forms, carry out publicity and education activities, and cultivate and establish the environmental awareness and participation awareness of social citizens. Education on the world environmental crisis, the harm of pollution sources and packaging to environmental pollution and the recyclability of packaging waste can be popularized in primary and secondary schools; Open special columns in public places and make videos for public broadcast; Help consumers understand the environment, know the importance of protection and the harm of packaging waste to the environment from the perspective of data mechanics, so that they know how to protect the environment they rely on, which packaging is conducive to environmental protection, and how to use packaging waste. So as to arouse people's awareness of participation, pay attention to civilized cleaning, do not litter, and dump them into recycling containers according to the classification requirements of packaging waste. Only with the conscious participation of the masses can green management be fully implemented

under the guidance of the principle of "green management", state-owned packaging enterprises have changed their passive avoidance of environmental problems into active participation and cooperation. Environmental investment is no longer regarded as a redundant burden by enterprises, but a forward-looking investment to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, expand the market and maximize profits

state owned packaging enterprises should constantly learn and accept new things in the process of development

state owned packaging enterprises have formed models in many aspects of enterprise management due to the limitations of their own conditions. There is a certain resistance and pressure to innovate. Therefore, in the process of enterprise development, in order to succeed, they need to constantly learn from those successful people, learn their advanced management experience and forge ahead Have the courage to explore and apply it to your work. In addition, state-owned packaging enterprises should change their concepts, change passivity into initiative, consciously accept new things, learn new knowledge and skills, adopt new processes and technologies in production practice, transform old equipment, and improve labor productivity. In the field of technology development, we should constantly develop new products. In the 21st century, due to the accelerated pace of production, the market life of products will be shortened. If enterprises want to remain invincible in the competition, they must constantly develop new products. Even if you make achievements, don't be complacent, because there can't be an ever victorious general in the fierce business war

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