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Analysis of Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system solution

system background

in China, the company has basically completed the construction of 4G LTE network, the coverage construction of 4G network by the three major operators has been basically completed, and the current hot topic has also shifted from 4G to 5g

With the popularity of 4G, customers' demand for public intercom system based on operator network is not just simply using intercom voice, but expecting to experience multimedia services that cannot be realized in the era of 2G and 3G

with the development of ad hoc communication in the analog revolution stage, there is an increasingly urgent need for multimedia cluster scheduling, such as video surveillance, high-definition images and other broadband multimedia services, which can not be met by narrowband ad hoc

network infrastructure is now very mature, whether it is the 4G network of operators or industry professionals. With the continuous development of technology, the data service technology based on wide and narrow band is also gradually mature, and the terminal integration and service integration capabilities have been achieved. LTE technology and broadband multimedia applications in public and private sectors are promoting industrial changes in private and public sectors

overview of IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system

Shanghai Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system is a system that integrates trunked intercom, audio and video, data and scheduling services based on the 4g/3g/2g network of operators and the wide and narrow band network of public and private lines

in addition to providing basic business systems such as trunking intercom, audio and video scheduling, map scheduling, etc., multi service systems are integrated through various access gates, and industry applications are expanded with the continuous deepening of industry accumulation

Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system provides different functions, which can be connected with business systems commonly used in the industry, such as monitoring system, system, broadcasting system, and integrate different systems into a unified platform for unified management and scheduling

01 integrated communication

through various communication gates, you can integrate, fax, traditional intercom (short wave, ultra short wave) and other public clusters. For example, through the analog voice off, the system will have all the functions of the traditional IPPBX switch, and the program-controlled system will be integrated

through the audio broadcasting off, the traditional broadcasting system is integrated, so that the system has all the functions of the traditional broadcasting system, such as zoning broadcasting, fixed broadcasting, background music broadcasting, and also supports the docking of the mixer and the connection of the conference system or the central control system; Through the cluster switch, the intercom of different systems will be integrated to realize unbounded intercom

02 video monitoring integration

integrate the video monitoring system through the video linkage module of Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integration scheduling system, which can realize the unified management and scheduling of video; Monitor the terminal equipment environment in real time, and support split screen; The dispatching desk can obtain effective data, image or sound information through it, and timely monitor and remember the process of sudden abnormal events

03 conference

the system can realize multi-party video conference, and the conference room terminal, PC terminal and mobile terminal can participate in the conference at the same time. In case of emergency, multi-party remote conference can be realized. It can also integrate the customer's existing video conference system and connect the camera of the existing video monitoring system to the IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system

04 large screen application

through the multi scene presentation server, each audio and video module in the scheduling software, including single stream, multi stream, PC screen, can be presented in the large screen

industry application: go deep into the industry, connect with the existing working system of the industry, and customize and develop the functions of the industry according to the actual needs of the industry, such as workflow, mobile law enforcement, patrol inspection, indoor fine positioning and other businesses

05 front-end command

through the dedicated wireless network in the emergency area, the field data collected by the personal terminal and handheld carried by the staff can be transmitted back to the data storage center of the front-end command

the data can also be directly transmitted back to the command center by connecting to the public or 4g/5g mode, and can receive the unified command and scheduling of the command center, so as to realize the collaborative processing of on-site emergencies

3. System introduction

01 system topology

the rich business expansion provided by this system can be connected with the existing digital communication system and audio and video special system by using the special docking equipment, so as to realize the unified command, integration and interworking of public and private systems

02 topology description

the specific deployment of this system is as follows:

central machine room

1) IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system server

is responsible for the command and scheduling, broadcast intercom, voice exchange, notification, conference, video access, and other functions of the whole system. It is the core processing equipment of the whole system. All terminals can be registered through sip or connected to the command and dispatching system through the fusion switch equipment to accept unified management, monitoring and deployment

2) the recording and video server

is responsible for the classified recording and storage of audio, video, pictures, text, geographical location and other data generated in the process of system scheduling, and can conduct combined query according to the playback requirements

3) trunking intercom off

trunking intercom off can integrate the intercom trunking system with the IP broadcast intercom integrated dispatching system, which is compatible with mainstream intercom handsets and on-board electricity, and connect the original intercom equipment to the dispatching system. Users can easily call the intercom or use the intercom to dial, The system supports traditional PSTN lines and sip based VoIP lines

dispatching center

1) command and dispatching console

as a tool for the dispatcher to interact with the dispatching system. The notification, intercom, status monitoring, etc. of various terminals under the system can be realized by installing the scheduling system client

2) visual pager

can call, two-way intercom, monitor/monitor, broadcast and shout to the host and extension in the management area

network coverage

1) it is provided by the public operator network with perfect coverage

using the 4G network of the operator, we can use the network channel with high bandwidth and high efficiency to carry all kinds of real-time data, audio and video data and other multimedia services in command and scheduling

2) special emergency

when an emergency occurs, public communication may be congested or paralyzed, and the existing public network can no longer be used to realize cluster intercom and command and scheduling. Especially when the special network cannot be covered, the regional special system can be built in the mobile command vehicle by using the portable special base station to realize the command and scheduling in the emergency area

work terminal

1) interphone

2) cluster scheduling single soldier terminal

3) IP phone

4) analog phone

video conference

1) video conference server: core server of video conference system

2) video conference terminal: Yunyi IP broadcast intercom integrated scheduling system can connect with video conference system. This function needs to be customized and developed

system integration

1) in digital, if the dynamometer is not installed horizontally before and after, the relay switch

uses E1 access, which is generally located at the interface between public switching (PSTN) and IP to complete the interworking between public and multimedia dispatching system. The main function is to connect PSTN and dispatching system, and you can dial an external line in the dispatching system. Compared with analog voice off (off), digital relay off has faster connection speed and more stability. 1 E1: 30 external lines are available

2) analog voice off

can connect the analog telephone in the unit to the IP broadcast intercom fusion scheduling system. Accept unified scheduling and management

4. Main functions

01 hierarchical management

according to the structure of the management department and the arrangement of work tasks, each unit can be divided into different work groups to realize hierarchical management, for example:

1 Bureau level command center: a first-class unit that can manage all other departments

2. Branch command center: secondary units can only manage their own departments, and cannot interfere with superior or parallel departments

3. Below the second level, groups can be divided according to the nature of work, such as 1 group, 2 groups, etc

02 intercom and call

support one key call, point call and group call. The number is stored corresponding to the name to realize fast speed dialing; The system supports local or wide area audio and video calls, one-way video, two-way video, etc; Support paging intercom; Support call group

all units and groups can carry out group intercom, single call, temporary call, predefined group call, multi group monitoring, etc. according to the actual working conditions, so as to realize flexible communication

03 group intercom

the staff are scattered. The staff of the same working group can be placed in a group as the default working group of the staff of the group, and the working hours are unified online

when the staff needs to talk with the same group to communicate the current situation, they can directly press the PTT button on the terminal to speak in the group, and the people in the same group can hear it

each department can set up a dispatcher, who can log in through the dispatching desk. The dispatcher can enter each working group at any time in the dispatcher to monitor the work of each working group

04 priority

the head or dispatcher of the Department sometimes needs to have intercom permission higher than that of other users, and can give priority to speaking in case of emergency

therefore, the head of each department can be set as a high priority user in the management platform, and other general staff can be set as a low priority user. High priority members can seize the voice rights of low priority users

in case of emergency and need to temporarily take over the group scheduling authority, the leader or dispatcher with higher priority can timely seize the voice rights of other users in the group, issue unified instructions and coordinate scheduling resources

05 temporary call

staff or dispatcher sometimes need to communicate with others alone, and do not want to be heard by other team members. At this time, the staff or dispatcher can select the user who needs to speak alone in the intercom terminal, initiate a call through the temporary call function, and establish a temporary group

speaking in a temporary group, only members of the temporary group can listen. As the name suggests, it can only be used to do single 1 stretching experiments

06 visual intercom, recording

mutual call and two-way visual intercom between management machines. Through the system, the call can be recorded, and the whole process of police handling and command and dispatching can be recorded, which is not only valuable empirical data, but also provide evidence for future troubleshooting

07 video linkage

support the retrieval of video monitoring during the call, and the video can be captured and recorded. It supports video linkage. When a call is triggered, it can directly link the video surveillance of the other party and see the on-site situation in real time

it supports onvif protocol, is compatible with cameras of all standard protocols, and can be displayed across terminals. The page can display up to 9 camera scenes

when leaders and dispatchers at all levels of the management department want to understand the situation of the work point or deal with work or emergency events, they can call the on-site video image through a dispatcher terminal to quickly understand the on-site situation, and quickly give instructions through the voice system

while monitoring the video, relevant leaders and principals can also query the emergency situation in real time through the dispatching desk. Through the combination of the two, they can formulate more reasonable handling measures and provide valuable opinions

08 broadcast

the system supports the broadcast function, and the broadcast type can be customized according to the demand: regional broadcast, regional broadcast and multi-party broadcast

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