Its not just the smoke — as climate change prompts

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It's not just the smoke — as climate change prompts more wildfires, hidden health risks emerge | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

For 53-year-old photographer Stefanie Harronsome experts say - Today News Post, the past few weeks have felt like living in a smoky, fiery hell.The Klausen Pass, Switzerland, durin?

The air in her hometown of Castlegar, B.C., has been thick with smoke as wildfires rage nearby:1622056277645,. Her neighbour’s house is barely visible though a mere?25 metres away. Her eyes water and her asthma and?chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) make the simple act of breathing a challenge.prince_edward_island?

Instead of using her puffer once or twice a week, she’s now using it four to five times a day.?

“The air, thick with particulates, makes me want to vomit,” she says. “The first thing you notice is the taste before the acrid smell. I would compare it to living in an ashtray. Every breath without a respirator is like short gasps for air,” Harron says. “[I’m] almost scared to take a deep breath knowing it will result in coughing and make it worse and more difficult.”

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