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Tanxuguang: let Weichai brand stand up in the world

tanxuguang: let Weichai brand stand up in the world

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at 9:30 a.m. on August 15, tanxuguang went deep into the front line to carry out a special investigation on the education theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind", visited the R & D personnel who are struggling in the front line of scientific research, and encouraged them to keep the original intention and work together with cardboard to make Weichai brand stand up in the world

at the engine research institute, tanxuguang visited the front-line R & D personnel to learn more about their work and dining. Tanxuguang asked relevant departments to improve the service level and provide 24-hour meal service for R & D personnel, so that employees can eat comfortably and work at ease

tanxuguang made a video connection with the "three highs" test team members who carried out the plateau test in Xining far away, and expressed his affirmation and gratitude for their long-term scientific research work in harsh environments and their important contributions to the enterprise's scientific and technological undertakings. Otherwise, the experiment will not be very successful

subsequently, tanxuguang chaired a symposium to listen to the report on the development of new products and projects. Tanxuguang pointed out that all R & D personnel should not forget their original intention, keep their mission in mind, work together for their dreams, and make Weichai brand stand up in the world

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