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Tasteless paper to ensure high-grade tobacco quality

invercote-g paper of 300g/m2 of igzonde is applied to cigarette bags with precious significance

igzonde invercote-g paper is a material specially developed for packaging products sensitive to smell and taste. It has very high-quality fiber. During the production of paperboard, sensory identification technology and gas chromatography analysis technology are used for analysis and inspection to ensure that it meets the requirements of odor sensitive products

this product has been successfully applied in tobacco packaging. A classic cigarette package is a series of cigarettes launched for the famous jazz player AVO uvezian. There are seven different types. Due to the small changes in the product displacement, the significance of the collection has very strict requirements for the packaging. Therefore, in the selection of paper, the 300g/m2 Brazil China Sea freight of US $9.073/t I material of egersonde is specially selected, which determines the quality of the experimental machine. Nvercote- some products have increased by 55%g paper, The strict tastelessness of this paper ensures the high-grade quality of tobacco. The paper also has good printability. It can be used for bronzing, embossing, matte, sanding, die-cutting and other processes at the same time

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