The hottest law finally says no to luxury packagin

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The law finally says no to luxury packaging

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waste packaging has accounted for 30% of urban garbage! Mao Rubai, director of the environmental protection and Resources Committee of the National People's Congress, was surprised by this two years ago

before the arrival of the annual moon cake war, I finally saw the news that the draft of the circular economy law was reviewed, including legislative restrictions on luxury packaging

it is nothing new in foreign countries to restrict excessive packaging according to law. Because there are legal constraints, the corresponding policies also cooperate. In the United States, it is possible to reduce taxes without plastic bags in supermarkets. In those days, when we were not so rich, it was a habit to wash the plastic bags at home and then use them. In the United States, project manager he Hongwei told wealthy families that because of laws and taxes, people often used up kraft paper bags and folded them for reuse

I bought a cup with Beethoven's head painted in Germany, and the salesperson wrapped it for me with paper. I asked him if he had a box and said he would take it to China. As a result, they were told that they only used paper packaging, and please rest assured that they would make me bring home safely. In Venice, Italy, I bought a local distinctive tourist handicraft, the avatar of a dramatist. The headdress of the staff and the face with a mask make the whole handicraft uneven. Even so, I only wrapped it in paper for a few layers and brought it back to China. I asked. The whole market doesn't provide even slightly harder boxes. Only after chatting with the salesperson did I know that the boxes were considered unnecessary packaging by them. Of course, the money I pay is only the price of handicrafts, and there is no need to spend euros for packaging

in Britain, packaging is not about luxury, but about humanization. Some bags of tea packed in imitation of envelopes are printed with the words of British afternoon tea, and some are a warm baby raising picture. This kind of packaging is very popular with women. The marketing manager of Abbe biscuit factory in France said that they attached great importance to the reduction of packaging materials. Through scientific calculation, the thickness of the two types of packaging boxes can reduce the uniform and dense crosslinking degree of gel by 1/7 and 1/3 respectively, and 46 tons of plastic raw materials were used less last year

in China, due to the lack of relevant legal constraints, it is often another situation. If you say you don't want plastic bags when shopping in the supermarket, the salesperson will say: nothing. What is the relationship between the waste of public resources and the stable and reliable salesmen? How much is a plastic bag worth? Over packaging has become a business approach valued by some businesses

according to the survey of Shanghai sugar food industry professional association, in recent years, the highest price of moon cake gift box in Shanghai market has increased year by year, 588 yuan/box in 2002, 688 yuan/box in 2003, and 1888 yuan/box in 2004. A market survey in 2006 found that the price of a bottle of Baijiu with more than 300 yuan in a crystal bottle was 1900 yuan. A salesperson at a cosmetics counter told that cosmetics imported with the original packaging from abroad had no big gift box. In order to meet the needs of some customers, the company had to specially equip gift boxes. The production cost of each gift box is about 50 yuan. Moreover, luxury packaged products are not only conspicuous but also useful in advertisements in various media

excessive packaging and luxury packaging not only waste resources, but also pollute the environment. Anyone who determines the determination of elongation knows. But for many years, the problem of over packaging can't be eliminated. Now, there are laws to follow, and the media can challenge luxury packaging. The draft of the circular economy law stipulates that units and individuals must implement product packaging standards when designing product packaging to prevent excessive packaging from causing waste of resources and environmental pollution. Product packaging standards shall be formulated by the standardization department of the State Council in conjunction with relevant departments. Although the law is to solve the problem from the root, I think it is also important to regard the business ethics of excessive packaging as a disgrace. The disgracer let him become a rat crossing the street. Is it another way to get rid of the problem

of course, this cannot be separated from the cooperation of the media. If you beat rats while advertising over packaged goods, then over packaging is really difficult to cure

□ Wang Yongchen (Beijing)

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