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Layout "the the Belt and Road" national machinery and heavy industry bulldozer products are ready to go

layout "the the Belt and Road" national machinery and heavy industry bulldozer products are ready to go

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on April 17, 10 yd160 crawler bulldozers independently developed and manufactured by national machinery and heavy industry Luoyang Company launched in batches in a country in Central Asia! This is the first batch of orders for Luoyang Company to export to a country in Central Asia this year, and it is also one of the important measures for Luoyang Company to implement the "the Belt and Road" product layout

the bulldozer production workshop of Sinomach heavy industry is busy

in the first quarter of this year, the sales volume of the construction machinery industry showed an obvious warming trend. The company positioned the expansion of the overseas market in the key area of "air conditioning shell made of one Jinmin environmental protection material along the way", and adopted a combination of marketing strategies such as product optimization and one local policy, which will also give the extruder industry endless development momentum to attract customers. After multi-party communication and repeated negotiations, the company's YD bulldozers have won the favor of customers in a central Asian country with their advantages of low fuel consumption, strong power, light operation, safety and reliability, and signed a supply contract for 15 sets. The first five hosts of the order were sent out in advance on April 1

in the first quarter, the company's bulldozer orders showed the characteristics of small batch and multiple varieties. The bulldozers of T80, T100, T120, yd160, yd230 and other series had different models, a variety of parts and components, and a short delivery cycle, which made it more difficult for the production group to be favored by more and more merchants. The company reasonably arranged production, allocated resources, and cooperated with the front-line and rear services to finally ensure that all 15 yd160 order vehicles were delivered on schedule

in recent years, facing the situation that the construction machinery market has been in "labor pains" and the prospects are bleak, Sinomach Luoyang Company has reviewed the situation, made scientific decisions, implemented the product strategy of innovation driven to promote product optimization and upgrading, and successively developed a large number of international advanced products. It also implements the marketing strategy of deeply cultivating the overseas market and expanding the external living space, and uses China's intelligent manufacturing and century old essence technology to create a national immortal brand. It has achieved a lot along the way from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Central Asia, to the African continent, the South American continent, and then to Eastern Europe and other countries. With the continuous promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategic cooperation, the infrastructure construction of countries along the route has been launched one after another, which undoubtedly brings new development opportunities for state-owned machinery heavy industries, which has strong R & D and manufacturing strength. Encouraged by the national strategy of the "the Belt and Road", Sinomach Luoyang Company has taken the initiative to adapt to the new economic normal, catch up and surpass in the international market, and is vigorous in its steps, constantly increasing its market development efforts in the countries and regions where the "the Belt and Road" is located.

in the future, as the beneficiaries, promoters and pioneers of the "the Belt and Road", Sinomach Luoyang Company will continue to rely on the advantages of Sinomach group, We should deepen the implementation of the reform of the supply side system, and make further progress on the development path of "equipping the world and creating value" while "making specialized, excellent and refined" products, especially in view of the relatively despicable environment

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