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Layout industrial interconnection Shanghai builds new advantages for future industrial development

recently, Shanghai held a conference on the promotion of industrial interconnection in the city. At the meeting, it was proposed that Shanghai would seize the new opportunity of precise digital infrastructure and strive to build new advantages for future industrial development. By 2022, the scale of Shanghai's industrial interconnection core industry would be increased from 80billion yuan to 150billion yuan, becoming a highland for the allocation of industrial interconnection resources, innovative strategies, industrial leadership and open cooperation in the country

take the lead in strategic layout of industrial interconnection

in recent years, Shanghai has taken the lead in launching and demonstrating strategic layout and industrial innovation based on industry and information technology, focusing on the innovative development of industrial interconnection to enable high-quality economic development

in terms of top-level design, the three-year action plan for the innovative application of industrial interconnection (), the implementation plan of industrial interconnection industrial innovation project, and the recommended catalogue of industrial interconnection platforms and service providers have been issued successively. In terms of industrial development, it has promoted the innovative application of more than 300 enterprises in key fields such as integrated circuit, biomedicine, automobile, iron and steel chemical industry, aerospace and aviation, with an average cost reduction of 7.3%, quality improvement of 6.1%, and efficiency increase of 9.2%. It has also driven 100000 small and medium-sized enterprises to go on cloud platforms, and cultivated 15 influential industrial interconnection platforms such as baoshine and Shanghai Electric. In terms of spatial layout, biodegradable materials that can be heat treated basically form a one chain multi-point layout with Songjiang (the country's first industrial interconnection new industrialization demonstration base), Lingang, Jiading, Baoshan and Jinshan as the fulcrum. The Ministry of industry and information technology approved the construction of the "Yangtze River Delta industrial interconnection integrated development demonstration zone". In terms of ecological construction, it has successively landed the country's first industrial interconnection innovation center, identified and analyzed the country's top nodes, the first local special industrial fund, the first local industrial interconnection association with more than 400 stalls in one vegetable market, etc.

Shanghai will seize the new opportunities of digital infrastructure with the newly released three-year action plan (year) on promoting industrial interconnection innovation and upgrading and implementing the "industrial endowment Shanghai", Focus on building new advantages for future industrial development, and implement the four actions of "industrial tax on Shanghai"

implement the "industry endowment engine" energy enhancement action

strengthen the introduction of new technologies, focus on breaking through key core technologies such as industrial software, digital twins, and edge computing, organize "taking the lead", promote the deep integration of industrial interconnection platforms with 5g, artificial intelligence, blockchain, etc., create 10 "5g+ industrial interconnection" pilot applications, and effectively download no less than 20000 industrial apps and micro service components, Build more than 10 secondary nodes for industrial interconnection identification analysis

promote the emergence of new subjects, implement the industrial interconnection of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises to promote the digital transformation and upgrading project, and speed up the organization of a number of key projects. Cultivate and expand private small and medium-sized enterprises, and realize 150000 enterprises on the cloud platform. Through the traction of application scenarios, cultivate more than 20 "single champions" of industrial interconnection comprehensive solutions. Consolidate the foundation of new talents, build "new engineering", build more than 10 industrial Internet talent training, education and training bases, and strive to build the brand of "Gongfu College". The chief information officer or chief data officer of industrial enterprises promotes in key industrial fields

implement the "industry endowment carrier" quality improvement action

create a leading enterprise in industrial interconnection, build 20 industrial interconnection platforms with national influence, such as clothing, construction, engineering machinery, high-end equipment, and support industry leaders and interconnection platform enterprises to propose system solutions. The specific reasons are as follows: 1. Supplier transformation, support the new manufacturing mode with industrial knowledge as the core, build 100 unmanned factories Unmanned production lines and workshops. Create benchmark parks, comprehensively promote the industrial parks to carry out 5g internal and external upgrading and transformation, promote the construction of industrial interconnection industrial function agglomeration areas in Songjiang, Jiading, Jinqiao, Putuo, etc., and the construction of industrial interconnection innovation and application demonstration areas in Jinshan, Qingpu, Baoshan, etc

serve the national strategy, comprehensively promote the construction of "Yangtze River Delta industrial interconnection integration demonstration zone", strengthen the Yangtze River Delta industrial interconnection public service platform, and build an application innovation experience center. Promote the construction of the national top node (Shanghai) international hub of the new zone logo analysis of the free trade zone, create a global developer community of industrial interconnection, and create an industry benchmark with global reputation

implement the action of "industry endowment service" to create excellence

promote cloud inclusive services, support enterprises and parks to build a three-dimensional network system with the combination of public and private enterprises, the integration of width and narrow, and cloud side collaboration, and promote the whole chain of design, manufacturing, services, etc. Establish an industrial big data service system, create 10 high-quality industrial big data sets, build a big data joint innovation laboratory for steel, high-end equipment and other industries, build an industrial computing center, and establish an industrial intelligent algorithm research institute. Strengthen safety and basic services, and build a national industrial interconnection system and product quality supervision and inspection center

implement the construction action of "industrial endowment ecology"

improve the standard and specification system, and create guidelines for the construction of industrial interconnection in electronic information, military and civilian integration and other fields; Carry out standardization pilot based on 5g, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, and form 100 industrial interconnection system and product testing (evaluation) standards

strengthen the precise connection between industry and finance, support the in-depth connection between commercial banks, insurance institutions and industrial Internet enterprises, and innovate financial products; Give play to the leverage of the Municipal Industrial Internet venture capital fund, improve the linkage effect of "Fund + base + incubation", and form a digital ecosystem of "production services + business model + financial services". Build a solid foundation for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, guide more than 10000 enterprises to carry out self-assessment of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and more than 500 enterprises to pass the standard implementation assessment

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