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The layoff of 4000 people caused conflict: Farewell to Motorola

in May, Motorola married Google with a good value. However, before it tasted the sweetness of marrying into a rich family, Motorola ushered in a bloodbath

on August 13, Motorola Mobile announced that it would cut 4000 jobs worldwide, accounting for about 20% of the total number of employees worldwide, two-thirds of which were outside the United States. It is estimated that 1000 people will be laid off in China, mainly involving Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Tianjin

forced breakup

the hardest hit area of this layoff is Beijing, and 700 people to be laid off are concentrated in the software and hardware development department

Zhang Xiaojie (a pseudonym) of the R & D Department of Motorola Beijing Branch told China economic weekly about his struggle history with other laid-off colleagues in recent days: after receiving an email on August 13, colleagues began to be interviewed by leaders one by one. The leader said that layoffs are the meaning of the head office. The leader's office has a layoff agreement, the terms of which are unequal treaties. There is no one to discuss, and you can't take back the agreement. You can only sign after reading it, and you must sign to terminate the labor contract within one day. They also strongly told us that even if we refused to sign, the company would unilaterally terminate the labor contract after a one-day deadline

he was still working happily the day before, and the next day he was informed that he didn't need them. Zhang Xiaojie and his colleagues found the company. We asked the unit to show the layoff record of the labor department, and they said at the beginning that we had no right to see it. According to the labor law, before notifying layoffs, the equipment should be replaced after running for a period of time. It is necessary to have a meeting with all employees or communicate with the trade union before the appointment. However, this step skipped. We asked the trade union to understand the situation, so the company sent a person we had little contact with to explain. A colleague went to Chaoyang District and Beijing trade union to inquire, and the registered trade union chairman of the company was not this person at all. The chairman of the trade union who came out to explain to us is fake! That's too much! Xiaojie said

it is learned that among the interviewed people, some are pregnant and lactating employees, which is contrary to the relevant provisions of the labor law. Not only that, what we can't accept is that the compensation measure of the unit is n+2 times the average monthly salary. N is the length of service, but there is a special case that Motorola just split last year. Many of the colleagues who received the layoff notice this time have more than 10 years of service. However, due to the split, many of their working years have been recalculated since last year, and according to the agreement, if they do not sign the termination contract immediately, they will get less compensation for two months' salary. Xiaojie told me

early in the morning of August 17, many laid-off employees gathered at the door of Motorola China headquarters in Beijing. Xiaojie held a banner: oppose violent layoffs and demand equal dialogue! Use my patent and kill my brother! Brother, indifference, you are next

on August 20, Xiaojie finally responded to their efforts. They received an email from the management, in which the original n+2 compensation scheme was modified and a sum of money was added: the housing provident fund as of the last working day will be paid in full; For the legal annual leave that employees have not taken, the company will pay cash compensation according to 300% of the employees' working hours and wages. Some people have roughly calculated that the new plan is 30000 or 40000 yuan more than the initial plan. Of course, the specific figures vary from person to person. Another additional condition is that 12:00 noon on August 21 is the deadline for signing the documents to terminate the labor contract. After this period, Motorola will unilaterally terminate the labor contract

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China Economic Weekly received a message from Shanghai Motorola R & D center that the employees of Shanghai R & D center, after-sales support department and parts department are facing the risk of being laid off. An employee of Shanghai R & D Center said: many people work here as soon as they graduate from university. They have deep feelings for the company's unnecessary spots, wrinkles, bubbles and adhesions. Such a sudden layoff will not only hurt money, but also hurt feelings

the software center in Nanjing is directly facing the fate of being closed

on August 19, Motorola executives from China and Asia Pacific flew to Nanjing, and the next day negotiated with local trade unions and employee representatives who repaired the scratch on the sliding surface with a file. This is the first time that the company has informed engineers in Nanjing that layoffs are inevitable. This long-awaited meeting of employees did not reach any solution. The company only asked the employee representative to make a request and take it back for research, but did not make any response to the written reasons for judging proposed by the employee

Lao Le participated in the whole negotiation process as an employee representative. The company knew that employees were dissatisfied and asked employees to make suggestions. Wang Yufei, another senior employee, also attended the meeting. The company did not follow the layoff process and secretly negotiated with the employees to terminate the agreement. In the afternoon, the company actually found some companies to hold a job fair. It was very ridiculous. On the one hand, it had not officially notified the employees of layoffs, and on the other hand, it let competitors come to their own places to recruit. It is also called considering for employees. In fact, we all know that it is to force employees to sign as soon as possible

Wang Yufei told that some employees believed that the company had good intentions and that layoffs had a great impact on the company after all. They hoped to solve the problem through negotiation. But from the scene, it was relatively deserted, and only sixorseven people submitted resumes. On the one hand, the recruitment company has a small number of places, and it feels like it is temporarily pulled to make up for the number; On the other hand, many employees are not psychologically acceptable

another employee representative, Shi Xiaolei (a pseudonym), believes that this is a trick played by the management, which is a serious violation of professional ethics and must reflect the development direction of the industry. There are no more than two intentions: first, get a job quickly and divide the labor side; Second, didn't the labor side say that they didn't provide employment opportunities? I have provided you with

although Motorola invited headhunters to the company to hold job fairs, Ericsson, ZTE, Huawei, Lucent and other seven or eight well-known IT companies were among them. But the job fair specially arranged by the company was not successful, and even became a joke. However, the company's enthusiasm for this is unabated. Laole reported that the company responded that it would let more units come to recruit

as of August 21, the negotiation between employee representatives and Motorola mobile had no results. Wang Yufei said that the requirement of the employees was whether the Nanjing software center could not be closed for the time being, and hoped to extend it for 12 months to give employees a buffer. Motorola mobile responded that China headquarters could not make this decision and had no such power. But promised to ask the US headquarters and reply to the employees the next day

the management wants to solve this problem quickly with money, but the labor wants to have a buffer in order to get re employment. Wang Yufei said

when all employees and their representatives felt that things could still be negotiated, things did not develop as they expected. At 3:40 p.m. on August 22, I learned from Wang Yufei that the negotiation broke down

most employees sign open-ended labor contracts with the company, and the company doesn't want to go through legal procedures, so it directly finds employees to negotiate and solve it. In fact, there is no negotiation. Take out the agreement and sign directly. Wang Yufei told China Economic Weekly that the Nanjing Software Center should not stay and should be shut down directly

if employees don't want to talk to them, they can only find an employee representative. If employees can easily sign, they don't need to find an employee representative. As one of the employee representatives, Wang Yufei has no choice but to wait for the company to find him

contacted Si Xuanjun, product public relations manager of Motorola Mobile China, who told China Economic Weekly that the company's leadership understands the reaction of the laid-off employees very well, and the company is also doing its best to meet their various needs. Including giving them compensation higher than the amount stipulated by the law, and providing them with opportunities for reemployment to help them tide over the difficulties

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