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In the first half of the year, Latin America imported Chinese finished steel products with a year-on-year increase of 65%

month, Latin America imported Chinese finished steel products 47.1.3 when the products have one of the following conditions, type inspection should be carried out; Million tons, "an increase of 65% year-on-year after one year, and 2.4 million tons in the same period in 2013. According to the data of Latin American Steel Association, in June, Latin America imported 647100 tons of Asian steel, a month on month decrease of 25%, but an increase of 4% year on year. In the same period of 2013, it was 569400 tons. In the first half of the year, the consumption of finished steel in Latin America accounted for 5% of the world, including 11% of imports from China, an increase of 2 percentage points compared with the same period last year, second only to South Korea

In September, Latin America imported 4million tons of finished steel from China, an increase of 65% year-on-year, and 2.4 million tons in the same period of 2013. Among them, flat materials account for 67%, and the import volume is 2.7 million tons. Other types of alloy steel coils have the fastest growth rate. The import volume of striving to become the world's advanced aviation material supplier is 977800 tons, while the import volume of cold coil and hot-dip galvanized sheet are 558500 tons and 552400 tons respectively. At the same time, the region imported 1million tons of long products from China, including 597200 tons of wire rods and 374500 tons of bars

in addition, in terms of import volume, Brazil is the main importer of Chinese steel, with a total import of 1.1 million tons of Chinese steel, followed by Chile and Central America, with 614700 tons and 506200 tons respectively. In terms of import growth rate, the Latin American countries with the fastest growth rate of steel imports from China are Paraguay (242%), Mexico (155%), Colombia (121%), Argentina (120%) and Brazil (84%)

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