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In the layout of the third-generation semiconductor MOCVD equipment, Zhongsheng optoelectronics received a new investment of 113 million yuan

recently, Zhongsheng Optoelectronics Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. completed a new round of targeted stock issuance, led by Shanghai Pudong Science and Innovation Group Co., Ltd., with a total raised capital of 113 million yuan, which is used for the research and development of high-end equipment for the third-generation semiconductor discrete devices. In addition to the leading investor Pudong Science and technology innovation group, the subscription of this directional offering also includes Haitong Shengyang, Zhangjiang science and technology investment, Zhongke Chuangxing, tongqi investment, Chongqing Guanda, Chen Aihua, chairman and general manager of Zhongsheng optoelectronics, Chen Xiao, deputy general manager, etc

Zhongsheng optoelectronics was founded in May 2011, located in Zhangjiang, Pudong. It is an upstream equipment manufacturer of the domestic semiconductor industry chain. The MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) equipment developed and produced by the company is the key equipment for the production of second and third-generation semiconductor discrete devices. It has independent intellectual property rights and is expected to break foreign monopoly again and realize domestic substitution. Zhongsheng optoelectronics is one of the few domestic MOCVD manufacturing enterprises with independent core technology. Together with Zhongwei, it broke the long-term monopoly of Germany aixtron and the United States Veeco on the Chinese market in the field of LED lighting, forcing foreign equipment from the initial $3million/set to around $1million/set, generating a certain social value. In 2015, the company was listed on the new third board

Pudong Science and technology innovation group, the leading investor of this round, was founded in June 1999. It is the first batch of state-owned venture capital institutions funded by local governments in China. Positioned as "the integrator of innovative resources and the shaper of industrial development", the company has developed into a first-class investment group with venture capital as the core, strong capital strength and excellent industry reputation

up to now, it has invested directly in more than 800 science and technology enterprises (more than 150 have successfully listed or exited through mergers and acquisitions, and 7 enterprises listed on the science and Innovation Board), invested in more than 50 venture capital funds, with a total scale of more than 100billion yuan (including 35billion yuan of the National Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, 28.5 billion yuan of the Shanghai integrated circuit fund, 12billion yuan of the Shanghai Cultural Industry Development Fund, etc.), supported hundreds of enterprises, and provided financing guarantee services for thousands of times, The financing amount exceeded 10billion yuan, incubated hundreds of science and technology enterprises, supported the development of a large number of industry leaders and potential Unicorn enterprises in Pudong, and made due contributions to promoting the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure in Pudong New Area

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Dr. Chen Aihua, chairman and general manager of Zhongsheng optoelectronics, believes that China's intention to experiment in the second-generation semiconductor segment, where all employees of the company are determined to achieve win-win results with customers with excellent products and services, is itself to yield to demand. Equipment, materials, EDA, etc. are completely subject to the United States and other countries. In the upcoming third-generation semiconductor era, if we cannot seize the opportunity, The layout in advance will still not change the situation of being "stuck". In recent years, Zhongsheng optoelectronics has gradually withdrawn from the LED field. Dr. Chen Aihua is determined to lead employees to start a second business and concentrate on the layout of MOCVD equipment in the third generation semiconductor field

however, after more than two years of sustained high R & D investment, the company's funds were basically exhausted, and its core employees began to leave. The company was facing a survival crisis and needed financing to get out of the dilemma. At this time, Pudong Science and innovation group stepped forward to provide timely help and took the lead in starting the investment process. Lubrizol Life Sciences played a leading role in providing overall solutions for medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Leading investment institutions in intelligent/customized products to complete the financing of 113 million yuan in time, which reflects the responsibility and responsibility of Pudong Science and technology innovation group as a local state-owned asset

at present, the company is developing well and its product research and development is progressing smoothly. It is expected to become a leader in the subdivided industry in the future

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