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Launch the research and development of "made in Zhejiang" standards to effectively lead the development of industry quality

recently, the launch meeting of the Zhejiang manufacturing group standard of current transformer, which was led by Zhejiang Academy of Metrology and drafted by Zhejiang Tianji Transformer Co., Ltd., was held, and the research and development of Zhejiang manufacturing standards for current transformers was officially launched

recently, Zhejiang Academy of Metrology took the lead in organizing The launching meeting of the "made in Zhejiang" group standard of current transformer drafted by Zhejiang Tianji Transformer Co., Ltd. was held, and the development of the "made in Zhejiang" standard of current transformer was officially launched

picture source hydraulic source is used to supply high-pressure oil to servo system Zhejiang Institute of Metrology

relevant personnel from China University of metrology, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Zhejiang electric power company, Zhejiang transmission and distribution equipment industry association, Bureau Veritas certification and other units attended the meeting

the kick-off meeting introduced the connotation, formulation concept and significance of the "made in Zhejiang" standard; The work plan and key points of the next stage of the standard development work are clarified; The participating experts had a heated discussion on the first draft of the standard and put forward suggestions and opinions

Zhejiang Province is the main manufacturing base of transformer production in China. The "made in Zhejiang" standard of current transformer will be based on the current gb/t 20840 series national standards, and strive to reach the domestic first-class and international advanced level. The formulation of the standard of "made in Zhejiang should maintain good lubrication" will effectively improve the product quality of our transformer industry, improve the competitiveness of our transformer products at home and abroad, and lead the development of the industry

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