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Layout nuclear "core" power Lovol joins hands with Doosan to accelerate the globalization layout of core parts

layout nuclear "core" power Lovol joins hands with Doosan to accelerate the globalization layout of core parts

China Construction machinery information

for a car, a good engine is indispensable. Agricultural equipment machinery, engineering machinery and other non road walking can be proved from the initial wear of passive bearings, and machinery is no exception, The engine is their heart. It can provide power to the vehicle. The quality of the engine has directly affected the performance and handling experience of the whole vehicle in early 2018

on March 29, the Lovol Doosan engine plant project was officially launched. After completion, the plant will produce non road engines that meet the fourth national emission standard, further promoting the upgrading of China's non road power machinery, which is of great significance to promote China's industrial upgrading and energy conservation and environmental protection. At the same time, Lovol heavy industry group will take this as a new starting point to accelerate the pace of core parts and components and global layout

global innovation and breakthrough in high-end manufacturing

in recent years, the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry still cannot hide its weakness in the field of high-end agricultural machinery equipment. It has been at a disadvantage in the global competition for high-end products, and its competitiveness in the international market is low

forging iron still needs its own hard work. Only by mastering the core technology can we continuously improve the competitiveness of the global market. In order to break the long-term monopoly of the core technology in China's high-end equipment manufacturing field by foreign countries and promote the expansion of China's equipment manufacturing industry to the high-end of the value chain, LOVOL Heavy Industries Group has adhered to the characteristic development mode of "global R & D, global manufacturing and distribution" since 2010, and actively constructed and improved the global innovative R & D system

in 2011, LOVOL Heavy Industries Group established a European R & D center in Italy, becoming the first enterprise in the domestic industry to establish an overseas R & D center abroad, and falling an important child in the chess card of globalization. As the gathering place of European high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, LOVOL Heavy Industries Group has established its R & D center here, which can timely access to the latest technology, greatly increase its opportunities to obtain advanced talents, and create better technologies and products

thanks to the global R & D strategy, LOVOL Heavy Industries Group established a Japanese R & D center in 2013, drawing on the successful practices of European R & D centers, which is mainly responsible for the R & D of construction machinery and paddy field machinery, laying the foundation for product innovation and upgrading. As a result, Lovol heavy industry group has built a global R & D and innovation system of "China + Europe + Japan" synchronized with the world

in 2014, with the help of the increasingly mature European business platform, Lovol heavy industry group wholly acquired the Italian national treasure brand Arbos and precision planter enterprises. By integrating cutting-edge innovative resources, Lovol heavy industry group has mastered the core technologies of agricultural machinery such as "power shift" and "precision seeding", promoted the transformation of China's agricultural equipment manufacturing industry, and realized the scientific, technological and intelligent upgrading of products. In 2015, apos group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LOVOL Heavy Industries Group in Europe, was officially inaugurated, and the European based global operation platform was officially formed, and the localization operation of Chinese agricultural equipment overseas began to achieve a zero breakthrough

in order to break through many bottlenecks restricting product technology upgrading, Lovol heavy industry group takes 3% - 5% of sales revenue as R & D funds every year to ensure the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements. Since 2010, nearly 4billion yuan has been invested in research and development. It has successively integrated more than 600 R & D personnel with international agricultural equipment technology background in Europe, becoming a highland for domestic agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation talents, and strengthening the technical strength of apos agricultural equipment in the world's medium and high-end agricultural machinery field

fortunately, after several years of strategic layout, Lovol heavy industry group has entered the "harvest season" since 2015. In 2015, Arbos tractor products were released globally at the Hannover exhibition in Germany, breaking through the "power shift" technology that domestic tractor products cannot independently develop, and was awarded the "silver medal of tractor of the year in Europe", which is the first international award for domestic agricultural machinery products; In 2016, the apos Orchard tractor at the eima International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Bologna won the silver medal of the European tractor of the year for professional tractors; In view of the remarkable achievements of Arbos group in Italy, it won the "best investment award in Italy" in 2016; In 2017, Arbos tractor won the 2017 red dot award, which is the only product that won the "red dot award" in the field of domestic agricultural equipment

the strong and the strong jointly build an innovation mechanism

step by step, step by step. As a world-renowned manufacturer of high-end agricultural machinery and engineering machinery and equipment, Lovol heavy industry group has in recent years provided an intelligent overall solution for global modern agricultural production and urban construction by building a global R & D system, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and an overseas full value chain operation platform under the strategic goal of a leading brand in the world's off highway machinery and equipment industry, And always forge ahead on the road of leading the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

"made in China 2025" strategy points out the development direction for China's manufacturing industry, that is, to transform and upgrade to high-end, intelligent, green and service. At the same time, with the upgrading of customer demand, the intellectualization of agricultural equipment is particularly important. To this end, LOVOL Heavy Industries Group has launched a strategic cooperation model on a global scale. In October 2017, Lovol heavy industries signed a strategic cooperation agreement with topcom to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in the field of smart agriculture, jointly promote Lovol ifarming smart agriculture strategy, promote the development of precision agriculture and smart agriculture in China, and boost the development process of agricultural modernization in China

in recent years, the product structure of China's equipment manufacturing industry has been continuously upgraded, and the emissions of off-road walking machinery engines have been continuously upgraded. At present, the lack of high-performance off-road engines in China has gradually become a major obstacle to the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry

as a world-renowned machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise, Doosan group has a global management system and professional capabilities in leading industries. It has established leading operational advantages in high-end markets such as Europe and the United States, and has world-class off-road engine technology. Its products have successfully invested in overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese chemical enterprises. It also has a relatively large speculative off-road market that meets the world's most stringent emission standards. Doosan engine and Lovol heavy industry group have a high degree of synergy in the whole machine business market and product strategy

based on this, Lovol heavy industry group and Doosan group through friendly negotiation, give full play to the resource advantages of all parties, innovate models in the non road engine business, carry out in-depth cooperation, explore and establish a new horizontal integration business strategic model, and jointly invest and establish a professional joint venture company focusing on the design, manufacturing and sales of non road diesel engines - Tianjin Lovol Doosan Engine Co., Ltd. This is another major action taken by Lovol heavy industry group to deeply grasp the development trend of the industry

this project launch ceremony marks the official start of the construction of Lovol Doosan engine plant, and opens the reliable integration between Lovol heavy industry group and the world's leading enterprises; The new mileage of cooperation between automatic overload protection enterprises in the field of non road engines also symbolizes that Lovol heavy industry group has further integrated itself with the world in the field of core components. At that time, Lovol heavy industry group will further enhance the global competitiveness of equipment manufacturing products with the help of a more competitive power platform that meets the global market

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