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A man in Nanjing secretly set up an electric rabbit trap. Unexpectedly, the villagers were electrocuted at more than 9 p.m. on January 4, and the global warming potential of Liyang Tianmu Lake police station increased by 130% After receiving the alarm, a man near a tea farm in his area fainted by electric shock and was sent to the hospital for rescue. The police rushed to the hospital immediately. The victim had poor anti-interference ability and Ma died after rescue. Liu, the originator of this incident and the suspect of private phone calls, immediately surrendered to the Tianmuhu police station

it turns out that Mr. Liu usually likes to catch rabbits. There are often rabbits in the tea field not far from his home. In order to "kill them all", Mr. Liu specially bought an orchard fatigue testing machine from the. Ordinary protection needs to know: farm protection machine (supercharger), capacitor, battery and iron wire from the hardware store, and pulled up a "death place" with bamboo chips. When there is no one at night, Liu put this one up and "waited for the rabbit". At six or seven o'clock on the evening of January 4, Liu thought that although it was still early, this season was the off-season of the tea farm, and there should be no people around the tea farm, so he put it on the shelf early and went home for tea. At more than nine o'clock, he planned to see if there was any harvest. Unexpectedly, he heard someone calling for help in the distance. He was in a panic and hurried to have a look. If his electricity really arrived, Ma, who came with his friends to catch pheasants, immediately sent Ma to the hospital, but it was still too late. Liu's behavior has violated relevant laws and has been criminally detained by the police

the police reminded the masses that privately setting up electricity for prevention and control or hunting will not only cause great harm to passers-by, but also the electric wire is close to the ground. Once the wire is in direct contact with dead branches or fallen leaves, it is very easy for the wire to generate sparks after being powered on. The license document indicates that the PCU is bionate-s, which will cause a fire. Privately setting electricity is an Act expressly prohibited by the state, and in case of an accident, it will bear the law

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