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Nanjing: migrant workers brush paint in a coma, pick up a life and lose sexual function

Nanjing: migrant workers brush paint in a coma, pick up a life and lose sexual function

April 6, 2010

107 fine stoneware bricks [China paint information] migrant workers who are painting waterproof paint in cold storage suddenly faint. Although they saved their lives after treatment, they can no longer take care of themselves and lose sexual function

when painting waterproof paint, he suddenly fainted

Zhao Jun usually follows others to do small work to earn money, and gets money once he finishes a project. One afternoon in May, 2008, he received a task to paint a cold storage in Jiangbei with waterproof paint. Zhao Jun didn't work for long, but he felt very uncomfortable and soon passed out

at first, other staff nearby thought that Zhao Jun was ill or too tired, and they didn't pay attention. They just sent Zhao Jun home and told him to have a good rest. Sun Jianjun, senior engineer of Xiu Yanfeng Automotive Trim System Co., Ltd. But in the next few days, Zhao Jun didn't wake up. He was unconscious and his limbs twitched from time to time. Seeing that something bad happened, his family rushed Zhao Jun to a nearby hospital for treatment. The National Engineering Laboratory of polymer surface material preparation technology is the key raw materials (special monomers, additives) of national polymer surface materials, high-performance resins, polymer surface materials and the central treatment of technological research and development and technological innovation

after arriving at the hospital, the doctor immediately treated Zhao Jun, cut his trachea, kept his respiratory tract unobstructed through mechanical ventilation, and treated him with drugs. After 20 days, Zhao Jun finally woke up, but his limbs were still twitching. For better treatment, Zhao Jun was sent to another big hospital. Based on the nature of Zhao Jun's work, experts from the second hospital diagnosed that Zhao Jun inhaled excessive benzene and xylene, which was a mixture of organic compound poisoning, toxic encephalopathy and lung infection

afterwards, Zhao Jun thought that the unqualified paint he used when painting led to his tragedy. For this reason, he sued the waterproof coating manufacturer and two dealers to the Liuhe District Court last autumn. After the inspection of the remaining paint at the seller's place by the industrial and commercial office, it was found that this kind of paint converts the friction force or friction torque into electric quantity (electric signal) material, which belongs to unqualified products

lost sexual function after the accident

"our products are qualified!" The court of Liuhe District has tried the case once. In court, this foreign waterproof coating manufacturer claimed that it produced qualified products and produced the inspection report of the local product quality supervision and Inspection Institute. In this report, the content of toluene + xylene is 6g/kg, and the content of benzene is undetected

during the court trial, Zhao Jun applied for disability grade appraisal through the court. The appraisal institution organized forensic psychiatrists and neurologists for consultation. After inspection, Zhao Jun's limbs and head will have involuntary convulsions when slightly stimulated, and he can't complete dressing, fist clenching and other activities. Zhao Jun said that he often had headaches, often had difficulty sleeping, and had lost his sexual function

after expert consultation, the appraisal institution issued a report, which believed that Zhao Jun's injury had constituted first-class disability and first-class nursing dependence. During the court hearing, Zhao Jun said that he could not accept the inspection report of the product quality supervision and Inspection Institute provided by the manufacturer and asked for a re inspection of the coating. The court of Liuhe District sent two barrels of paint samples to Jiangsu Institute of product quality supervision and inspection for entrusted inspection. After inspection, the benzene content in the two barrels of paint is different, one barrel is 0.1g/kg, while the other barrel is 6g/kg, but neither of them is "not detected" in the inspection report provided by the manufacturer. According to the standard of limit of harmful substances in adhesives for interior decoration materials (GB), the maximum content of benzene in adhesives shall not exceed 5g/kg

the manufacturer requests to re identify

Zhao Jun requests the court to make a current judgment on the medical expenses that have occurred, and reserves the right to sue for other losses and subsequent losses. The paint manufacturer believes that Zhao Jun was identified as a first-class disability and first-class nursing dependence, which is obviously lack of basis. The manufacturer's agent applied to the court for re identification, and implored the court to select an identification institution in a third place. Recently, the court will continue to hear the case. (the party in the text is an alias)

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