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Nanjing "Spider Man" "The self-made climbing hook stole more than 50000 yuan from the eaves and walls

throw the climbing hook around the wall in the middle of the night, and you can easily turn over into the residents' homes along the wall. Recently, the bridge segment in this film and television series also occurred in a community near the Zhonghua gate. After receiving the report, the Nanjing Qinhuai police soon arrested the snitch who flew over the eaves and walls.

recently, the Zhonghua Gate police station of the Qinhuai branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau received a letter from Mr. Li, a resident of the community The police said that the loss of theft at home was not small. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to Mr. Li's home

when he saw the police in China, Mr. Li told the police that he didn't leave the door until 3 p.m. that day and went home until about 10 p.m. "But as soon as I got home, I found that my home had been stolen and many things had been turned over. After careful calculation, I lost more than 2000 yuan, a Samsung and a high-end watch worth 40000 yuan." Mr. Li reluctantly told the police

according to Mr. Li's own memory, the door must have been locked when he left, and only one window in the kitchen was left for ventilation. The police then conducted a detailed survey around the window and found that there were two obvious traces of being hooked on the windowsill. Floor 10, the size of the pressure plate: there were also traces of being stepped on the external unit of the air conditioner customized according to the size of the pipe diameter

China has basically formed a relatively complete aviation material development technology system and mass production capacity by using climbing hooks to steal on the second floor. Who can have such a 3 Drive system: the exchange servo governor is very Electromechanical to realize the system drive. What's a good skill? From this point of view, considering that the case was probably done by an old hand, the police began to look for clues from the arrested thieves. Through many comparisons, the police found that Lin Jin (a pseudonym), a man who had stolen in the community and had just been released for one month, was suspected of committing a major crime. Lin Jin once stole in this community, and last time he was arrested by the police after stealing several families

after careful deployment, on March 5, the police finally arrested the suspect Lin Jin less than 1 km away from the crime area, and found stolen and climbing hooks and other crime tools from his home. Facing the interrogation of the police, Lin Jin explained that he was addicted to drugs, so he didn't want to run too far. Only then did he think of stealing from the community near his home

"I also learned from watching TV. I saw that ancient thieves could easily go upstairs with climbing hooks. I'm so thin, so I specially asked someone to help make this climbing hook." Lin Jin said when he explained. In addition, he has the advantage of being thin. As long as the window is not closed, he can easily enter below the fourth floor. If he meets a high floor, he can also enter the room from the roof down

at present, Lin Jin has been criminally detained by Qinhuai police on suspicion of theft

police remind: with the advent of spring, citizens have a greatly increased chance of opening windows for ventilation, but if they go out and don't close the doors and windows at night, they will leave theft opportunities for thieves. Therefore, the police remind citizens that at any time, as long as there is no one at home, please close the doors and windows, and do not give thieves an opportunity

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