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Nanjing newspaper industry shows the achievements of digital publishing to build a 10 billion asset group

Nanjing promotes the integration of newspapers. Only a year after the launch of this series of products, the global ranking of Chinese stations of Nanjing newspaper has climbed to more than 2300; Tap the iPad Nanjing cloud news mobile client to view nine newspapers and one magazine under the group; Click the intelligent automatic newspaper vending machine of Jinling Evening News on the street, the machine will automatically quote the price, input the corresponding money, and the newspaper will spit out automatically; The photos of the baby are accompanied by the commentary of the mother. The mother and baby of the tutor weekly report use the software to record the growth process of the child. Yesterday morning, at the exhibition of new achievements in the transformation and development of Nanjing newspaper industry, a batch of digital, network and mobile platform products carrying creativity brought readers a new experience of 120billion yuan

Miao Helin, chairman of Nanjing CPPCC, Chen Shaoze, deputy secretary of Nanjing municipal Party committee, Xu Ning, member of the Standing Committee of Nanjing municipal Party committee and Minister of publicity, and Jin Shi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Nanjing Municipal People's Congress attended the exhibition. Gu Yonghua, Secretary of the Secretariat of the all China workers' Association, read a congratulatory letter from the China Journalists' Association. Xu Yiying, director of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, and Xu Ning jointly Click to open the Nanjing cloud news mobile client

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Chen Shaoze said that since its establishment ten years ago, Nanjing newspaper media group has not only adhered to the correct direction of public opinion and development, but also deeply promoted reform and innovation, comprehensively promoted industrial development, and constantly achieved new results in all its work. Standing at a new starting point, the group should firmly establish its political awareness, overall situation awareness, awareness and position awareness, closely adhere to the city's central work and people's livelihood needs, highlight the positive energy of public opinion guidance, vigorously develop the cultural industry, continue to deepen reform and innovation, adhere to the guidance of high-quality talents, and make more contributions to the new round of scientific development of the city

the China Press Association said in its congratulatory letter that Nanjing newspaper media group has always adhered to the correct policy of running newspapers, focused on guidance, devoted itself to development, deeply promoted reform and innovation, comprehensively promoted industrial development, and played an important role as a media in Nanjing's reform and opening up and the development of various undertakings. It is hoped that the group will accelerate the transformation to a new media with digital publishing as the core, to a development mode with talent guidance as the core driving force, and to a diversified industry with culture 5 and regular inspection of the working conditions of sprockets as the core, with a more energetic state of mind and more solid work measures, so as to make greater contributions to the great cultural development and prosperity of Nanjing

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