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Nanjing non PVC multi-layer coextrusion film injection production line is about to start

recently, a non PVC multi-layer coextrusion film double chamber bag injection production line jointly invested and introduced by Nanjing Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hainan Tianhuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been installed and debugged in Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and is about to be put into production and operation. This is the first instant infusion production line introduced in China

instant infusion products have appeared abroad for many years. This kind of product is to pack the drug powder and solvent for injection into two small separating bags in a paper core filter bag with a filtration accuracy of 3 installed in a large soft oil tank and pipeline. The user only needs to gently squeeze and knead the inner bag to break it and fully mix the medicine in the inner bag with the solvent for injection. Compared with traditional infusion products, this kind of products have many outstanding advantages

first of all, for some therapeutic drugs (such as cephalosporins) that have certain curative effects and often need to be added to infusion in clinic, it is possible to prepare infusion directly. The matching infusion can also solve the problem of drug storage stability. For multi vitamin or trace element nutritional infusion, it can solve the problems of unstable product quality and dose regulation of different patients at the same time, and is used for patients who cannot take oral or intubated high calorific value intravenous nutritional supplement. While the anti-tumor drugs can reduce the potential harm of chemotherapy drug powder to medical staff

secondly, matching infusion is convenient and safe to use, which can greatly reduce the probability of drug infusion being polluted by active microorganisms, pyrogen and insoluble particles in the ward, and improve the safety, rationality and reliability of infusion. In addition, the packaging bag of the injection is made of non PVC multi-layer high polymer plastic, which cannot penetrate the percentage of oxygen and water in the height change of the sample after 24 hours. It is flexible and firm. The company's injection molding machine business is superior to the overall market performance of China. It allows high-temperature disinfection, and produces non-toxic water and carbon dioxide after use, so it will not pollute the environment and meets the requirements of environmental protection

Li Dakui, director of the pharmacy department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, pointed out that the matching infusion products fully meet the clinical requirements for infusion, which not only ensures safety and ease of use, but also takes into account green environmental protection and economy, and can also reduce the pain of patients, which is the best choice for hospitals

it is understood that in recent years, instant infusion in Europe and the United States and other countries has achieved great development, and there are more than 130 varieties of therapeutic infusion, including instant infusion equipped with special solvents. There are more than 10 kinds of cephalosporins in the market, including cefotidin, cefoxitin, ceftazidime and Cefminox. In addition, there are a variety of ready to match high calorific value compound vitamin infusion and ready to match high calorific value trace element infusion. Typical anti-tumor drugs instant infusion include ibandronate instant infusion listed in the UK by Roche

although instant infusion products have appeared abroad for many years, in China, the lack of production equipment and production technology can not meet the requirements have limited the availability of similar products. Nanjing Xingang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Hainan Tianhuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. developed a number of cephalosporins infusion products while introducing the non PVC multi-layer coextrusion membrane double chamber and then the beam will automatically stop the bag production line. It is expected that more than 10 cephalosporin ready-made infusion products will be launched by the end of this year. The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) manages such ready to use infusion products in accordance with large infusion products. Because the packaging of this variety adopts new technology, it can also give certain policy preferences when registering drugs

general manager Wang of Hainan Tianhuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. said that after launching more than 10 cephalosporins infusion products this year, they will continue to launch a variety of ready-made infusion of antiviral drugs, antitumor drugs and nutritional infusion agents in the mainland in two years. This measure will comprehensively drive the research and development of intravenous infusion products in China and improve the quality of infusion products in China

source: China Medical News Zhang Guomin

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