The hottest Nanjing tea profit turns to packaging

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Nanjing: Tea profits turn to packaging

recently, autumn tea market ushered in a peak period. In the Xiaguan tea city in Nanjing, compared with other agricultural and sideline products, the price of tea has not increased significantly. Biluochun is 60-200 yuan per kilogram, and Yixing Maojian is 20-30 yuan per kilogram, which is basically the same as the price in the same period last year. The mainstream price of mid and high-end products such as Tieguanyin and oolong tea in autumn tea is also 200 yuan per kilogram, and the price has not increased significantly

Mr. Yu, who has been doing tea business for more than ten years, said that the gross profit of tea this year is very low, so tea merchants had to find another way to tap new profit sources. Therefore, the tea merchants began to think about the packaging box. The packaging fee originally 8-10 yuan has now basically risen to 20-40 yuan. The profit of a packaging box is basically equivalent to the profit of selling oneortwo kilograms of medium-grade tea in the process of using the low-temperature tank

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