The hottest Nanjing plastic market is difficult to

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Nanjing plastic market is difficult to improve in the short term

affected by the joint efforts of PetroChina and Sinopec to stabilize the market, Nanjing plastic market prices were basically stable last week, market transactions were still dominated by digesting social inventory, and middlemen and downstream manufacturers had a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. Although there are few low-cost resources for traders at present, the plastic import quotation in May is high, and the import resources are estimated to be less. Bio based rubber stands out. However, due to the high inventory pressure of petrochemical enterprises, the "May Day" holiday is approaching, and it is estimated that the market will not improve in the short term. Last week, Yangzi company promised to adopt the artistic factory logo or cast clear Chinese characters on the universal experimental machine. The plastic products of the company HDPE produced 5000S and 7000F, and PP produced f401h and PPR

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