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Nanjing Liaoyu signed the General Manager CRM to help the future development of the enterprise

recently, Nanjing Liaoyu Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Liaoyu) reached a cooperation agreement with Chengdu General Manager Software Co., Ltd. This signing with the general manager software is to use the advanced CRM customer management tools to manage customers and salespeople, improve the overall service level of the enterprise, improve customer satisfaction, and cultivate a group of loyal asset customers who can be sold repeatedly, so as to improve the overall efficiency of the enterprise and improve the market share

Founded in 2002, Nanjing Liaoyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in electronic series products. The products are mainly used in measurement and testing of industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and experimental teaching of electronics, electricians, physics, chemistry, mechanics and other aspects in Colleges and universities. The company integrates technology, industry and trade, has a team of engineers who master the design, development and maintenance capabilities of various advanced instruments, and employs famous experts and professors as the company's technical consultants

regularly carry out technology on membrane materials, so update when choosing

for many years, the company's business philosophy is based on high technology, honesty, quality assurance and customer satisfaction. It has established a stable and extensive technical sales cooperation relationship with many famous instrument manufacturers at home and abroad, and now it is fluke, Tektronix and Ricoh of the United States; Jianwu, Shimadzu, Japan; Beijing Puyuan, Ningbo Zhongce and other well-known instrument brands at home and abroad are agents and designated dealers in Nanjing

with the continuous development of the economy, the number of customers of Nanjing Liaoyu increases year by year, and the sudden increase in business volume has brought great pressure to the salesperson. The directors of the company's management department have different opinions, and the real management is in chaos, which has an adverse impact on the development of the company. The leaders of the management of Nanjing Liaoyu also realized the existence of these problems and decided to strengthen the management of the company's sales team. The old press in good condition was transformed by updating the control system and display system. After many meetings and discussions, it was decided to use the advanced and intelligent management tool CRM software to manage the sales team. After comprehensive comparison and evaluation, the General Manager CRM customer management software was finally selected

the General Manager CRM system is a customer management software dedicated to the management of the sales team. With the accumulation of 11 years' experience, the system has perfect business processes. Advanced graphical navigation, even the company's new salesperson, according to the system business process, can also get started quickly. Most importantly, the general manager software is customer-centric, focusing on cultivating customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction. According to the actual needs of Nanjing Liaoyu, the sales consultant of the general manager software recommended the general manager G6 online CRM system

after using Nanjing Liaoyu for a period of time, the management level of the sales team has been significantly improved. The general manager has strict operation authority, so the salesperson can only view his own customers, and can't see the customers of other colleagues, which effectively avoids the situation of order grabbing, order bumping and order bumping among salespersons. In addition, Nanjing Liaoyu uses the sales team management in the general housekeeper software. The sales supervisor and the boss can monitor the daily number of customers with orders of the salesperson in real time, and can also view the salesperson's daily and monthly sales performance of Jinan gold testing machine in the sales industry. With effective daily monitoring, the sales supervisor can better manage the salesperson and improve the overall sales performance of the sales team

through this cooperation with the general manager software, the management level of Nanjing Liaoyu has been significantly improved, injecting fresh vitality into the enterprise. The management of the sales team is well organized, the development of the enterprise is on track, and the market competitiveness of products is improved. Therefore, Nanjing Liaoyu will have a broader development prospect in the future

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