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Nanjing jiederui: grasp the needs of customers, not afraid of the cold wave of the industry

Nanjing jiederui Co., Ltd. with a keen market awareness, in line with the quality purpose of scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented, improving management, and excellence, has always pursued the enterprise goal of "higher, faster, stronger" representing high technology, high quality, and high efficiency, and has explored and developed in the field of technology. With the screw components inside the extruder, it was widely praised by customers at the 27th China plas

products are prone to problems. Lizian, general manager of Nanjing jiederui Co., Ltd., introduced to the author that the exhibits of Nanjing jiederui Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Jierui) this time are a large variety and easy-to-use finished products. It is an important new product in the plastic granulation industry

when it comes to participating products, general manager Li Zian is proud that our company cooperates with well-known American enterprises. Advanced European materials, some American hot products, American materials, German materials, including our machining accuracy, are all first-class in China. While cooperating with American companies, we are also cooperating with Japanese companies to map carbides on the surface of screw instruments, and we are also in the process of contact. We should have better products next year, and world-class products will appear in China

last year, the rubber and plastic industry generally suffered from sluggish development and suffered a relatively large impact, but President Li told the author that because Nanjing jiederui kept improving its product production and firmly grasped the needs of customers, they developed very well last year. We have not been affected by this wave of cold wave in the industry, and have been very good, including last year. Because it is an easy finished product, customers should constantly change it, and then the sales cost of some well-known foreign enterprises should be reduced. Our materials are very good, the machining accuracy reaches the medium level, and the price is cheap and good, so it has been very good

participating in the exhibition has always been the best stage for enterprises to show themselves to customers in an all-round way and discuss with their peers. President Li deeply agrees that China plas is a rare exhibition at home and abroad. Through this exhibition, we can get access to many good products. In our industry, we need to learn from some German companies, American companies and Italian companies, especially in the field of raw materials. We are peers with the United States and Japan, Through joint technological upgrading and continuous learning, we can know more domestic and foreign customers when the sensor is under external tension or pressure, and recommend it to them. For example, this exhibition has contacted many customers, at least three major foreign companies are very interested, and most of the products are produced in China. Our main sales target is domestic and foreign medium and high-end customers. We take two steps in terms of price. We are high-end in China, Abroad, it is cheap and good

learn from foreign countries and develop skills to control foreign countries. When talking about the gap between China's rubber and plastic industry and foreign countries, President Li told the author meaningfully that China's raw materials have not reached the quality and heat treatment process level of foreign raw materials such as steel. If our company's products want to be improved, we need the surrounding environment to keep up, including raw materials and heat treatment, in order to provide better services to the domestic market. The procurement of raw materials is equal at home and abroad. China has the ability to catch up in the field of raw materials and heat treatment technology, but there is a long way to go. First, we should learn from others' strengths, and then continue to explore through our own thinking, so as to catch up with and surpass the international leading level

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