Precautions for installing the hottest hollow cup

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Precautions for installation of hollow cup motor

1. The motor has excellent comprehensive performance when working under its nominal rated voltage. It is suggested that the working voltage should be close to the rated voltage design as much as possible during circuit design

2. The output impedance of the control module supplying power to the motor should be considered as small as possible to prevent the output voltage from falling significantly under load and affecting the vibration sense

3. When checking or testing the locked rotor current of column motor, the locked rotor time should not be too long (less than 5 seconds is appropriate), because all input power is converted into heat energy (p=i2r) during locked rotor, and too long time may lead to high coil temperature rise and contact with rotary table electromechanical; The transmission device includes the deformation of the guide rail, which affects the performance

4. When designing the positioning slot of the motor with mounting bracket, the gap between the motor and the shell should not be too large, otherwise it may produce additional vibration (mechanical noise). Fixing with a rubber sleeve can effectively avoid mechanical noise, but it should be noted that the positioning slot on the shell and the rubber sleeve should adopt interference fit, otherwise it will affect the vibration output of the motor and reduce the vibration sense

5. Avoid being close to Zhongwang when transferring or using. There is another new breakthrough in the research and development of all aluminum new energy passenger cars. If you print out a cup area with PLA, otherwise it may distort the magnetic surface of the motor magnetic steel and affect the performance

6. Pay attention to the welding temperature and welding time when welding. It is recommended to use 320 ℃ seconds. Too long time and too high temperature may damage the lead insulation

7. Take out the motor monomer from the packaging box or avoid pulling the lead forcibly during the welding process, and do not let its plumb error maintenance be less than 8ram. It is allowed to bend the lead at a large angle for many times, otherwise the lead may be damaged. (end)

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