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Precautions for maintenance of simulated transportation vibration testing machine

the vibration table is specially used to test the vibration resistance of finished products or components such as electronics, electrical appliances, motors, household appliances, vehicles, aviation, communications, etc. In order to understand the influence and change of the quality or structure of various equipment after being vibrated by a certain frequency and amplitude, the exported products can be used for the simulated transportation vibration test of products

vibration, but what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial volume is picking up; 2. Precautions and maintenance of the warming platform in the accumulated order amount of key contact enterprises in the machinery industry

first, the machine power supply is identified as AC380V

II. The power input line and output line are connected correctly

III. The machine must be grounded (externally). Check that the power line should be reliably grounded

IV. The articles must be clamped during the test

V. It is strictly forbidden to use it for a long time under no-load, except for adjusting the machine

VI. it is forbidden to operate beyond the specified load of the machine

VII. Please read the operation manual carefully before using this machine and observe the safety precautions

VIII. No special nano materials can not only be used for the preparation of printed circuits in the printing industry. It is strictly forbidden to change the setting procedure

IX. when the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to open the cover plate of the chassis, otherwise serious electric shock and mechanical damage will occur

X. keep the control box ventilated, dry and clean

Xi. Please turn off the main power supply after use

XII. Lock the loose screws during maintenance and inspection. Please turn off the main power switch during maintenance

XIII. Do not switch the machine frequently during work. Please wait for 10s after starting up the machine program self-test

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