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Precautions for maintenance of furniture testing equipment

furniture testing equipment plays a very important role in furniture quality assurance. It is an indispensable testing instrument in furniture production. The manufacturer must properly maintain it after purchase, so as to ensure that it maintains correct data in the detection process and promote the improvement of furniture quality. So what are the necessary precautions for furniture testing equipment? Kunshan Haida instrument technicians give the following suggestions

1. Furniture testing equipment should reasonably use lighter parts and advanced materials in production. The placement of furniture testing equipment is a very important link. The ground must be maintained. The inorganic salt industry should adhere to the equal emphasis on the upgrading and transformation of traditional products and the innovative development of emerging products. After the furniture is placed, it can land safely and smoothly, because if the furniture is in a swing state for a long time, the stress on each part is uneven, It will lead to the loosening of the fastener when the specimen reaches the specified deformation, and the adhesive part will be glued, which will affect the service life of the furniture

2. Furniture testing equipment should be protected from the sun

when placing furniture, it is generally best not to choose a place close to the window to avoid direct sunlight. Because if furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may fade, crack, peel and other phenomena. Metal furniture is mainly designed according to the shape and material of the sample, and the fixture may be oxidized, deteriorated and lose luster

3. Furniture testing equipment should be cleaned in time.

furniture often falls on dust in the process of use, so it is necessary to clean the furniture frequently to keep the surface clean. When cleaning, it is best to use pure cotton fabric as a rag to wipe off the floating ash on the surface. For furniture with paint treatment on the surface, it is necessary to avoid wiping with alcohol, gasoline and other solvents

4. Furniture testing equipment should avoid humidity

indoor dry humidity should be kept at a relatively stable level. When using humidifier, pay attention not to directly aim at furniture when spray

5. Furniture testing equipment should be away from heat sources

furniture should be placed away from heat sources such as gas, radiator and electric heater, so as to avoid a long time. After the furniture is heated, due to the rapid evaporation of water, the paint surface of the furniture will crack, peel and fade

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